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#Berlin: Against the European Police Congress – Without borders, Self-determined, Solidary

Call for a demo on February 16 against the European Police Congress 2019 in Berlin, German territory.

Originally published by Gegen den Europäischen Polizeikongress 2019. Edited machine translation by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Germany and Europe in 2018: 2,300 people die on Europe’s external borders, fleeing poverty, persecution, war and misery – while they were searching for a better life.

In several German states, new police laws are being introduced, monitoring powers are being expanded, preventive detention is being permitted and the use of weapons of war against demonstrators* is being legitimised. Heavy armed special task forces “secure” 3rd league football matches and are using these matches for training the fight against insurrection.

In the meantime fascist structures became public in the security apparatus of the Federal Republic Germany (FRG). A group within the German army (Bundeswehr) and the police was uncovered, which is obviously working on a takeover of power and the liquidation of political opponents. In August, well-known neo-Nazi police officers send a threatening letter to a lawyer who has appeared as a lawyer for incidental action in the NSU trial. The whole thing was signed with “NSU 2.0”. “Individual cases” become the norm. The enemy they want to fight: homeless people, migrants*, (active) football fans, non-governmental organisations and last but not least, anti-authoritarians.

Permanent threat

The armament of the security authorities and the police is progressing at an increasing pace. A constant and increasing danger is conjured up, starting not only from the Islamic state, but also from so-called left-wing extremists who are accused of arbitrarily destroying social structures. The defense of the here and now is used to constantly draft new laws and develop technologies to make the surveillance and locking away of disagreeable people even more effective. Every group and individual who rebels against the prevailing conditions suddenly becomes dangerous.

For some years now, the repressive authorities have been relying on an almost incomprehensible preventive defence against possible dangers instead of criminal prosecution. In the past, when people were criminalized because of their political actions and operations, today their political beliefs and life in a certain environment are enough to get into the crosshairs of the police and authorities. The police strategy has been changing for some years now, away from criminal prosecution and towards preventive defence against so-called dangers. This offers the security authorities numerous possibilities for the construction of the most variable accusations, on the basis of which virtually every police action can be legally legitimized. Obnoxious persons are thus controlled and discredited.

No Borders! The right to stay for all!

In Europe, migration is predominantly a security issue. Together with Turkey and other third countries, the German state is already pushing through its so-called “fight against the causes to flee” far beyond the borders of Europe. For example, refugees in search of protection in transit states end up in secret camps, are persecuted by paramilitary structures or die on their long journey through the desert. If they nevertheless reach the European border, they are pushed away by organisations such as Frontex or put into camps at the European external borders. When they arrive in Europe, they must completely expose their history and data in the asylum procedure. If that is not enough, the police will force the deportation of refugees. Anyone who supports illegalised persons and wants to prevent their deportation in persecution or hunger will be criminalised and taken to court. Meanwhile, the shelters of refugees are either protected by far right securities or attacked and harassed by far right structures that are largely unchallenged.

Repression against the Kurdish movement

The Kurdish movement, too, is currently feeling the violence of the state with all its power. Not only does the German government silently accept Erdogan’s destructive war against the people of Rojava, it is also actively helping to smash Kurdish structures in exile. In no other European country have so many Kurdish activists been defamed and imprisoned as terrorists. While the federal government is holding a public state reception for the fascist dictator Recep Tayip Erdogan, the PKK continues to be classified as a terrorist group.

The Congress

On February 19and February 20 the 22nd European Police Congress will take place in Berlin, a discussion platform for representatives* of the police and security authorities, as well as an industrial exhibition of the latest weapons and surveillance technologies. Year after year, this congress offers an opportunity to make the surveillance and prosecution of disagreeable political opponents more effective and to standardize them throughout Europe. The theme of this year’s congress is “Security-Migration-Integration”. The protection of Europe’s external borders is to be intensified, every kind of refugee support on their way will become a criminal offence and inappropriate people will be assimilated with the baton. Another major theme of this year’s programme is the use of smart crime prevention, including intelligent video surveillance and artificial intelligence. Addressing this issue is essential if we want to remain resistant and rebellious. There is already major resistance to the new police laws and to mass surveillance. We must continue and intensify this resistance if a future of intelligent police robots and a world à la Minority Report is to be prevented.

Let us use the police congress in February as an opportunity to take to the streets together against the police, the security authorities and their laws. Against state violence and repression. Against a world in which it is okay to let thousands of people drown on the borders of Europe, a world in which people are persecuted, imprisoned and killed because of their aspirations for liberation, a world that wants to destroy all forms of a life based on solidarity and collectivity.

Freedom dies with certainty!

Without borders, self-determined, in solidarity against the authoritarian formation and the growing police state!

Demonstration: Saturday February 16, 2019 – 05:00pm (17:00) , Frankfurter Tor in Berlin (German territory)

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