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#HambacherForest: Appeal to all activists and demonstrators who were affected by police violence during treehouse evictions during the last 6 years!!!

Activists from Hambacher Forest want to fight against the next evicition in court.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Due to increasing police violence, it can be assumed that in case of evictions, people brutally will be mistreated again. This can not be allowed and we are sick of it! Let us protect our homes and our tree houses! The evictions are a pretext to clearcut the Hambi piece by piece prematurely. The deforesting stop is thus not observed.

Appeal to all activists and demonstrators who were affected by police violence during tree house evictions during the last 6 years:
For an urgent lawsuit, we need testimony in the form of a sworn statement for which you must be willing to provide personal information. For persons whose name is already known to the police anyway or who will not in the forest in the event of a pending eviction, this is easily possible from the perspective of the lawyer. Please use the following template, your report may be handwritten on a white DIN A4 sheet:

“Me, [first name, family name], born on [day, month, year], registration address [street, nr], in [zip, location], assure the following: I was violated without it being necessary.”

Main part:
Describe what violence you experienced during the eviction in September or before, on day x or at least week y. Important: Check at the Legal Team or in your chat history the date of the police inspection, the release from the Gesa (detention centre in the police HQ) or the use of pepper spray.

Example: “On day x or week y of eviction in September or before that day I sat in the tree house” or: “I sat on the forest floor, was peaceful and did nothing. Three police officers hit me on the head, two of them holding me tight, hit me in the face and in the stomach with a fist, an officer sprayed pepper spray on my face. So I was in pain and had a concussion, and could not move my arm for three days. I was also mistreated by psychic violence in the form of noise from generators and chain saws that were intentionally run for hours. The induced stress and sleep deprivation were so extreme that I still had tinnitus four days later. In Gesa / on the forest road I was searched and forced to strip naked in front of five male police officers. Some policemen grabbed me.” etc.

Final part:
“I confirm the aforesaid in lieu of an oath to substantiate, aware of the criminal liability of a false affidavit.”Signature:


This is not a complaint yet, but only a testimony by you. The statements are summarised and listed after the violence. For example: On day x there were 58 cases – of persons A, B, C, D, etc. – whom during a blockade pepper was sprayed in the face.

To accelerate, please send a photo to and send the original by mail to Christian Mertens, Zuelpicherstrasse 83, 50937 Cologne, Germany.

People in the forest can deliver their original to Shadow at the vigil (there is also paper and internet to send the photo via e-mail); the originals will be picked up there early in the week and sent together in a large envelope to sent in a large envelope collected to lawyer Mertens.

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