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Greek court declares members of Golden Dawn innocent on the grounds of ‘reasonable doubt’

‘Appearances must be deceptive’ must have been the thoughts of the prosecutor and the judge of the 8th magistrates’ court in Athens, since they announced a non-guilty verdict for an unprovoked vandalism against property and an assault against immigrants, perpetrated by members of the Golden in Rafina in 2012.

Originally published by Katiousa. Translated by Black Cat.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Moreover, the charges for unlawful exercise of authority and violence were also ‘conditionally paused’. The attack, which has been recorded on camera, was initiated by a large group of fascists. Later, the neo-nazi organization proudly wrote that their ‘comrades Germenis and Iliopoulos checked the counters set up by the immigrants and quickly removed the products that were sold there illegally.’ Germenis also spoke on the radio where he admitted his actions saying that ‘the specific counters were not there legally, we were not crazy to ruin the fair just because we felt like it’. Despite the public confession, the recording was strangely excluded as evidence.

If the justification provided by the prosecutor, which was also adopted by the judge, seems irrational, then you are not the alone in thinking that. ‘It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a large group of people wearing symbols related to the Golden Dawn, including Members of Parliament P.Iliopoulos and G. Germenis who appear to have had leading roles, proceeded to actions of violence by knocking down counters and causing damage to property owned by immigrant street vendors. Nevertheless, it was not proven with absolute certainty that the two defendants were present when the attack took place, so my proposal is a non-guilty verdict due to reasonable doubt’, said the prosecutor.

So, they did have a leading role, but we cannot be certain that they knocked down the counters themselves, according to the people who supposedly serve justice. Because in fact, maybe they were only sending positive vibes to their ‘comrades’ who did the attack. The evidence did not matter in this case nor the tendency of the Golden Dawn to attack people based on a notion of racial otherness. Witnesses who could have confirmed where the violence came from did not come to testify, either out of fear or indifference. However, four police officers appeared as witnesses, one of whom did not confirm the active participation of the defendants in the attack. The first one, according to his testimony, was quite far and chose not to interfere, despite his high rank in the police force. The second one, saw tens of Golden Dawn members check the papers of street vendors (something the police must have considered normal and legal judging from the fact that they chose not to interfere) and then admitted that he saw all of them pounce on the counters. After being pressurized by the legal representatives of the MPs, he stated that he was not certain since ‘Iliopoulos might have not been there. What can I say?’ The third police officer, admitted he saw Iliopoulos checking people’s papers, but did not pay attention where he was during the attack due to the ‘ general unrest’. The last cop, also a member of staff of Germenis’ personal security, confirmed his initial statement, that Iliopoulos checked the papers of the street vendors but did not know what happened next.

This is not the first time members of the Golden Dawn are treated leniently by the bourgeois system of justice. Let’s just remember that only recently Ilias Kasidiaris was found innocent for a verbal racist attack against Roma people in Aspropyrgos, whom he had called ‘human garbage’.

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