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#Antifa: Multiple fascist attacks against journalists in #Athens today

Greek territory: Attacks against journalists have been recorded in Athens today, as a nationalist rally brought fascists from all over Greece to Syntagma square.

Originally published by Omnia TV (Written by Lucas Stamellos ) and @xandra_photo. Translated by Black Cat.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

A fascist mob attacked photographer Costas Dadamis and confiscated all of his equipment. The man who was covered in blood spoke on camera before his transfer to the hospital:

‘They said ‘hand over your camera’. At first I refused to give my camera to them, so they started hitting me and they chased me and other colleagues who came over to help me’.

How many were the perpetrators?

‘At first they were just two or three people and then a mob gathered, we were on the ground and they were hitting us with clubs’

Did they steal your equipment?

‘They took everything’

The National News Agency in Greece presented the perpetrators as ‘unknown people’ although it has been confirmed that they were fascists. They also used an image depicting antifascists from the counter-demo in Propylae, in order to whitewash today’s nationalist rally.

Tweet above reads: Golden Dawn members attacked photographer Costas Dadamis at the nationalist rally for the Macedonian issue before stealing his camera.

Screenshot of the tweet of the national news agency using a photo from the counter-rally by antifascists

A series of attacks took place today from fascist groups of the nationalist ‘rally for Macedonia’ against reporters and photographers. A group of fascists wearing balaclavas, attacked journalist Thomas Jacombi.

At 15:38, as the journalist was covering the rally for international news agencies, an organized group of fascists, consisting of at least five individuals, recognized him as a colleague of Angelique Kourounis and screamed at him ‘aren’t you the guy who filmed the documentary on Golden Dawn?’ and attacked him with punches on the head. The attack took place on the corner of Panepistimiou Kriezotou street.

Later the fascists forced T. Jacombi to delete files from his cellphone and destroyed his recorder.

Thomas Jacombi co-authored and directed the documentary ‘Golden Dawn: a personal affair’.

A while later, a fascist mob, which is unknown if it were the same as in the previous attack, attacked the photographer Costas Dadamis, who suffered serious head injuries, while they also stole his equipment.

The fascists groups of the ‘rally’ also attacked the photographer Lefteris Partsalis.

Statement by the Greek Steering Committee of the Photographers Union

The Steering Committee of the Photographers Union in Greece, condemns the murderous attack perpetrated by ‘protesters’ today, in the context of the rally for the Macedonian issue at Syntagma square. As it turned out, through fully confirmed information, a group of men in black who were holding Greek flags and attempted to climb the stairs around the monument of the unknown soldier in order to enter the forecourt of the House of Parliament, attacked five photographers. The details of the victims are available to us but cannot be disclosed at this point.

A colleague sustained serious injuries after being hit with clubs and a screwdriver and was taken to the hospital. He was intentionally hit on the head and other parts of his body and his equipment was stolen. The other photographers sustained less serious injuries however part of their equipment was also stolen or lost. The investigation initiated by the Steering Committee of the Union of Photographers revealed information about a group of people dressed in black clothes with the double-headed eagle printed on them, who were carrying Greek flags and held photographs of the aforementioned photographers.

Obviously, there are suspicions that the attack today could have been planned and that our colleagues who cover protests were targeted. The Steering Committee is appalled and enraged for the fascist actions that took place today.

We call on all the democratic forces in this country to condemn the attack and consider the ways their own rhetoric contributes in the emergence of these incidents, the emergence of fascist attacks against people, freedom of the press and democracy.

Steering Committee of the Union of Photographers in Greece, January 20, 2019

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