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France: The last prisoner of the Quai Valmy case will soon be released on bail

The request for release on bail concerning the last person in prison for the Quai de Valmy case was definitively rejected by the Chamber of sentence enforcement, appeal jurisdiction of sentence enforcement Judge (JAP).

Originally published by Anarhija Info. Translated by Act for Freedom Now!

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only

He will remain locked up in the prison of Meaux till he gets out with the benefit of sentence reduction; the appointed date is end of January [1].

However, they will be among the people affected by the bill drawn up by Taubira [socialist minister of law] in 2014 (art. 71-2 of the penal code), which allows the application of a certain number of restrictions to the period of sentence reduction; otherwise there’s the risk of going straight back to prison. In short, a sort of judicial control in retrospect, after a custodial sentence has already been served, which constitutes an additional sentence under the pretext of rehabilitation.

Judge and Prosecutor, undoubtedly because they found he would get out (a little) too soon for their taste didn’t spare anything to give him almost all the possible restrictions in this case:

– Prohibition to go to Paris
– Compulsory residence in a designated place
– Obligation to pay damages to the civil parties
– Prohibition to get in contact with other defendants and victims
– Prohibition of carrying weapons
– Obligation to comply with the judge’s and an appointed social worker’s summons
– Obligation to see a social worker and to provide the latter with all information and documents necessary to control the nature of his livelihood and the execution of his obligations
– Obligation to inform a social worker about changes of address and job and any journey longer than 15 days
– Obligation to request the Judge’s authorisation concerning change of job or address if the change is likely to hamper his obligations
– Obligation to inform the Judge about any journey abroad

All this applies to the period of sentence reduction, that is to say six months.

This is an obvious intention to make him pay in full for his silence on the events. However, if this bill keeps people who get out of prison under control, we don’t have to forget that it was already normal for sentence reductions to simply be suppressed, especially for those sentenced on terrorism charges.

Their repression won’t stop our rebellion; freedom for all

[1] Sentence reduction: a measure that takes days off a sentence reducing a person’s final sentence. Days can be taken off or added to this ‘amount’, as the prison administration assesses a person’s good or bad behaviour.

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