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#Mexico City: Letter from Anarchist Political Prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo

This letter comes from anarchist political prisoner, Luis Fernando Sotelo, and addresses the negation of his most recent legal appeal.

Originally published by Voices in Movement.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

To Everyone:

I hope that you all are well, and that above all, you are struggling against submission and passivity.

I want you to know that my latest legal appeal was recently resolved in the 4th criminal chamber of the collegiate court. There, they reiterated their previous ruling, keeping me imprisoned. I am calm in spite of the ruling because I still feel the accompaniment and resistance.

Speaking with the lawyers, we had agreed to file this appeal, and that it would be the last legal action in search of my acquittal. That of course is what we are looking for.

Like you all know, in the political dump of the Mexican state, in those spaces of above, of power, from the presidency, they have been spouting a discourse of freedom for political prisoners. So I ask you, compañeros, be attentive and roar against this political theater. It is a simulation and a lie that they have the political will to address the theme of repression.

If I am free it is because of the free relation between friends and family. As compañeros we have walked together, resisting the prison and not giving in. It is this, and not being physically outside the prison walls, which is called freedom.

I send my salute to all those throughout the world that are facing jailers and police, that resist the caciques and exploiters who own the money and power. I share my most sincere embrace with you all. I can see that I am not alone.

Regarding my daily conditions, I want to share something that happened a week and a half ago, this past Friday. I had already, for nearly four of five months, solicited from the officials of the prison, that they relocate me to a dormitory in the general population (no longer the space of entry where I have been held throughout my sentence). I solicited this because I seek to enroll in school and to have greater mobility, although only twice as much. I am thus adjusting to this new stage and trying to organize my activities of interest.

I continue living alone, in a cell without more prisoners (which I can only think is the result of the officials not wanting people to enter into close contact with me). I am convinced that there was no interest from the officials in my request for relocation until compañeros spoke up and demanded to follow up on my petition to relocate.

If it had been in the hands of the so-called authorities, perhaps I would have served out my sentence in the entrance area. Right now I want to recognize that organization, as the compañeros in struggle like to say, is the only efficient manner to confront and resist the capitalist monster. I am 25 years old and I will never lose hope of seeing a different world, product of the sincere and free work of the compañeros.

Death to the bad government!

Until we are all free!

Long live the people and their autonomies!

Death to capitalism!


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