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Statement by anarchist refugee Abtin Parsa after he was temporarily released from Greek prison

Statement by refugee anarchist prisoner Abtin Parsa after being temporary released from prison in greece on January 23.

Originally published by Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran Facebook page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

I was recaptured again by the Greek police, while I still have pains from my backbone that was broken by cops when i was under torture in a few months ago. Link of the post about this torture:

They arrested me in the Patra city with insulted me, and after a short interview, for many times i asked them for having a call but they did not care about, just their answer was to send me to a cold and extremely dirty cell. There was a place to sleep but it was so unbearably dirty that I felt the insects of the bed walking over me. At the same time the pains on my backbone did not allow me to sleep. So I started knocking on the door to asking for a painkiller and the answer that I got was “go to sleep”.

I struggled with difficulty until morning, with a few minutes of sleep, where at 10 am a cop came and told me to get up to get fingerprints. They brought me to a place where a table was in front of me with my case number and they got my fingerprints here. They also took pictures of different profiles.

The police officers in the department who knew that i am an anarchist began to jokingly ask me “do not you really believe in democracy?” “You really do not believe in the borders?” . Eventually they resurfaced me in the cell and a few hours later the same cop came and opened the door window saying “get up, you have a court”. They handcuffed me and led me to the courts.

After waiting four hours in the afternoon, the court would start but there was no interpreter so the judge decided to adjourn the court and I was released for 7 days until my next court on 31 January. Then they led me back to the cell and a few minutes later a bus came in front of the police station. On the back there were some 50 centimeters / 1 meter cages where they put me along with two other prisoners in the same cage.

There was not even enough place to sit down all three in there. There we stayed for two and a half hours where we traveled from Patra to Athens, where I was standing almost all the way, since we did not fit. Waiting for the bus to begin, the cops opened all the windows to make sure we were cold enough and left them open all the way.
Eventually, on the 23rd of January 2019, they brought me to Petrou Ralli’s detention facilities and left me temporarily for 7 days until my next court, which is January 31 at 13:30 in Patra.

From: The Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan

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