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#NoBorders: Joke Kaviaar, activist, has been arrested – Support Group 13 September calls for protest

Joke Kaviaar has been arrested. That news has become known today, 24 January 2019. Her arrest was a matter of time after her earlier conviction became definitive after appeal and cassation on 8 January 2019. Joke Kaviaar will now do a prison time for two months and two weeks. Three days will be subtracted because of pre-trial arrest. That means there will be 71 days inside a cell.

Originally published by Support Group 13 September.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Conviction and prison sentence were the outcome of state persecution against Joke Kaviaar, writer, activist, fighter against the persecution and oppression of refugees. She was sentenced to a two months suspended prison sentence, for publication of texts that the public persecution considered to be incitement. That sentence became unconditional after she was arrested during her probation time because she participated in an action in the municipal council hall of Zeist, against the building of a prison for refugee children on Kamp Zeist, which led to a two-week prison sentence as well. Together with the two months, that means two months and twoo weeks altogether. More on the case can be found via a press relase of 8 January 2019, (scroll down for English)

The Support Group 13 September speaks out strongly against this whole state of affairs and calls for people to protest against her persecution and arrest. Joke Kaviaar is being persecuted and now imprisoned because she offers resistance against the deportation of refugees. Joke Kaviaar is being persecuted and now imprisoned because she uses the written word for this purpose in a sharp way. She uses that freedom of expression that is sacred, except in cases that it is a bit inconvenient. Joke Kaviaar fights criminal state behaviour in words and in deeds. According to the Support Groep, she does not deserve convinction and prison sentence.

The Support Group calls for support and solidarity. Support can be expressed through the writing of letters and post cards as soon as the prison in which she will be held has become known. Solidarity can mean: spreading the forbidden texts of Joke Kaviaar further and further. Solidarity can mean: participating in protest actions, or organizing such actions yourself. The Support Group will organize an noise demonstration at the jail where the state holds her, and calls for people to take part. More information will become available through the website of the Support Group. The motto of all this: Freedom for Joke Kaviaar!

Also, the Support group is preparing the publication of a booklet on the case against Joke Kaviaar. It will include the texts for which she has been convicted. This small book will be presented in a series of information meetings in several cities. Again, you can find the relevant information on the website of the Support Group.

Steungroep 13 September, January 24, 2019

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