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#Hamburg Coal Port occupied ! – #ClimateJustice instead of Coal Commission – Phasing out hard coal and lignite NOW!

Statement by Shut Down Coal Now on the occupation of the Hamburg Coal Port on 27 January 2019. 16:00 The occupation is ongoing and is already lasting for more than 7 hours. Cops are preparing eviction.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Edited machine translation by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Today, January 27, 2019, we have been blocking the Hansaport in Hamburg since nine o’clock in the morning. Its Germany’s largest port terminal for iron ore and coal and handles around 8 million tonnes of imported hard coal every year. With around 40 activists* on excavators and conveyor belts and a climbing action at the loading bridge, we demand “climate justice instead of coal commissions” and the immediate withdrawal from coal power generation, mining and import of hard coal and lignite.

We criticise the Coal Commission in principle about the fact,

…that the main victims of the climate disaster are not represented in it. Namely the many millions of people in the global South who are already losing their livelihoods today due to the global warming that has been caused to a large extent in the North. Their interests in bare survival have already been completely ignored in the composition of the Commission. People from coal-mining regions also have no say in the committee. Likewise, younger generations are not represented.

We need to act NOW !

The Commission plans to publish its final report on February 1. Unfortunately, it will not recommend the much needed steps to achieve the Paris 1.5° target. But we must act decisively NOW, not in three, five or even more years! Already today, almost every day, we receive news of the devastating effects of the climate disaster on the lives of countless people. In addition, irreversible self-reinforcing feedback mechanisms in the climate system are threatening to get off the ground comprehensively.

Destroy the climate first, then collect fat damages? VETO!

The energy companies must be ordered to shut down their coal-fired power plants without compensation. The Coal Commission, on the other hand, plans to give them billions of euros if they end their destruction. This shows how largely the committee is determined by the influence of the coal lobby. Instead, the people affected in the global South must be compensated!

Companies have to pay!

We also want the lignite regions and the people still working in the coal industry to have good prospects. However, this must be financed by the fossil corporations, or rather by abolishing their subsidies, as well as by the finally consistent taxation of large assets and corporations. We must not, as so often happens, impose the costs on the general public at the expense of lower incomes. At the same time, the anti-social, ecologically completely counterproductive electricity tariffs that private consumers are constantly burdening in favour of large industrial consumers must finally be fundamentally changed.

Shut down brown coal and hard coal imports!

It is clear that the lignite thrower must be removed from the net immediately. But also the imports and conversion of hard coal into electricity should be stopped immediately. The mining in Colombia, South Africa, Australia, the USA or Russia, for example, is accompanied by catastrophic environmental destruction and repeated violations of human rights. Here in Germany, e.g. in Hamburg’s Moorburg power plant as the largest source of CO2 in northern Germany, hard coal also makes a major contribution to the destruction of the global climate.

Ending Coal is and remains manual labour

Obviously, no substantial steps can be expected from the state or politicians. Fortunately, many people worldwide see the need to break the power of fossil industry and oppose its destructive projects. Also here in Germany tens of thousands take part in large and small demonstrations, thousands in mass actions of civil disobedience and again and again people resist by direct actions against climate-damaging infrastructure. We set on a solidary, mutually encouraging relationship of the variety of forms of action within the climate justice movement.

To the beautiful view

For us, a major goal is the socialization and decentralization of energy supply as well as many other areas of securing livelihoods. People and their livelihoods must finally take precedence over profit interests!

Shut Down Coal Now, January 27, 2019

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