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#Prague: Future of the Radical Library

Prague: Public plenary discussion about the Radical Library on 31.1.2019, 19:00.

Originally published by Radar.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Let’s discuss together the future of the Radical Library, which is already for four years contributing towards a development of critical thinking. The aim of the library is to offer access to the literature that is oriented on theoretical background of left movements and on reflection of engaged approach within this field. Some of the books are not well distributed and so hard to reach. We are connecting the libraries of particular collectives on the base of shared on-line catalogue, that enable us to build decentralised web of alternative book’s collections. We are not just describing the reality, we are trying to change it.

Likewise it is possible to change the character of the Radical Library and it’s course. You are invited to the plenum addressed to the topic of the future direction of our library, what we can offer and what our goals should be. Beside the discussion you can use this opportunity to visit our space at Pobřežní 8, to meet others readers, or to return borrowed books and take new ones. You can surely become a new reader or involve yourself in the collective of the library.

Within the discussion we will explore together following themes:

– The contribution of Radical Library to the movement and types of activities that are worth to develop.

– The possibilities of cooperation with other collectives.

– The contemplation on a new space that we could use after the house at Pobřežní 8 that we are sharing will be demolished.

You are welcome to send us ideas and other topics that could be involved in discussion or you can just open new themes during the plenum. We are looking forward to have a fruitful discussion and we believe that it is worth offering books and space for their critical reading.

The Radical Library was founded as one of many projects within ASC Klinika, since February 2018 we are located at Florenc in the space of Temporary Working Zone (D-zona). Beside regular opening hours we organize discussions based on reading politically engaged books by the Critical Reading Group, free language courses and various events for public ( presentations, exhibitions, discussions ). Our space is also used as a co-working area, and as a place where differ collectives can organize their plenary meetings and workshops. The Red Secondhand Bookshop is located in D-zona, offering left wing literature for free donation. The house is shared by many collectives and it is legally rented, but the owners decided to demolish the building (we should leave it in spring) though we are dealing with the question about the future.

We hope that you find the time to attain this meeting and you are very welcome to spread this invitation to your comrades.

Collective of Radical Library

address: Pobřežní 8, Florenc, 2nd floor
18600 Prague, Czech Republic

radikalni-knihovna [at] riseup [dot] net
web catalogue:

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