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#YellowVests: For an anti-fascist #ActeXII

An account of the Nazi aggression against the NPA and a call to meet again.

Originally published by Paris Luttes.  Edited machine translation by Enough is Enough. 

Image above, these are the faces of 3 of the fascist attackers. Look at these nice faces and remember them well for the next demonstrations.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Wewill join the demonstration that starts from the Champs-Élysées on Boulevard Saint Germain.

We’re joining the NPA. We hesitated to switch to block mode, we tried it, we unfolded the banners at the front of the demo we started to hide as we realized that there are not enough of us, Vincent Lapierre [1] parades with his friends around. We fall back into the ranks of the NPA with our banner “Antifascist and Anticapitalist”.

We received the information that some big group of fascists were coming. We quickly wrapped up the banner, folded up the black flag and stayed with the NPA buddies.

We warned them (the NPA protestors) that they will come but we were not big enough in numbers and not persuasive enough, they did not take us seriously and that was a mistake.

About thirty.

The first cry “No political party! “the second one “We’re fucking apolitical” and they were charging. They molested the NPA demonstartion in an expeditious manner, with knuckles.

When they left again they went in the direction in front of the demo. We, my small group, we decided to leave, there were not enough of us. We told everyone not to continue, that the fash will wait for them at the end. But we were not numerous enough, not persuasive enough, the demonstration continued, we packed, unmasked ourselves, putted away red stuff and and went into the shade to think. On the way we stored the banner in a safe place, they will not get this one.

Finally, we found the antifa and affiliated mobilization group in the demonstration along rue du de rivoli that marched to Place de la Bastille.

We arrived at Bastille, a giant trap, we got out again, we unmasked ourselves, we made ourselves beautiful and went to Place de Republic. We hung out with the same people again, we waiedt for them to come, we’re in power. Except the cops charged in dirty mode. The place is scattered.

End of the day.

Hypothesis for act 12 :

Can we announce a CLEAR and unencrypted departure for those who do not have the information but who would like to join, to mess up, help, defend, be in mass? From there we can go as a mob.

So that the antifascist demonstration will be massive! Because these are no longer isolated hunts, demonstrations are being attacked and we must secure ourselves, secure them, in a unified response.

A clear start or a clear demonstration so that many people that I have met who wanted to join and saw no one CAN join the antifascist mobilization we need?

Affinity groups are necessary but an affiliated demonstration is needed.

So that the fash can leave, go and eat at home.

Like in the past, with all antifas and affiliated groups,


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