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#YellowVests, #Paris: NPA demonstration attacked by fascists

Paris: The NPA demonstration was violently attacked yesterday, Saturday, during Act XI of the Yellow Vests in Paris by “les Zouaves”, an informal group of radical far-right activists from different organizations and ultras. Last week, they also attacked anti-fascist activists.

Originally published by La Horde. Edited machine translation by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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First of all, we want to show our full support to the comrades who were attacked, both yesterday and last week. Secondly, as we said at the beginning of the week, the extreme right is becoming increasingly involved in the Yellow Vests movement, both on social networks and on the streets, especially in Paris, where far-right personalities such as Victor Lenta and his friends have squarely integrated the “police force” of the GJ. It is time that this movement takes care of the problem caused by the presence of extreme right-wing elements within it, instead of alternating between the politics of the ostrich and false blissful naiveté… In the meantime, it is important that all antifascists of good will coordinate and organize themselves, so that the extreme right does not believe that everything will be tolerated.

La Horde, January 27, 2019

Statement by NPA from January 26:

This Saturday, during act XI of the Yellow Vests in Paris, the NPA demonstration was attacked twice by about 50 far right individuals. Organized and ultra-violent, the fascist group “Les Zouaves” (who claimed responsibility for the attacks) deliberately targeted our demonstration, injuring several of our comrades.

This group has nothing to do with the Yellow Vests movement, which we have been marching alongside for several weeks without ever having caused any problems. The groups of yellow vests present during this Saturday’s attacks were shocked by these attacks, and some demonstrators intervened alongside us to repel the fascists.

We will not be intimidated! The NPA will continue to build, with determination, the movement against Macron and his anti-social policies, and will be present during the next mobilizations like act XII of the Yellow Vests next Saturday.

The presence of the extreme right in the Yellow Vests demonstrations is a poison for the movement: the aggression we suffered was aimed at breaking the demonstration, weakening it, and of course playing into the hands of power.

We will quickly contact organizations of the social and political left, as well as the various yellow vest groups, to consider a response together to the actions of these small groups, so that they stop attacking social mobilizations.

Statement by Alternative Libertaire from January 26:

On Saturday, January 26, during Act XI of the Yellow Vests, a demonstration of NPA activists was attacked by a gang of fascists armed with brass knuckles and stones.

While our NPA comrades fight daily against social inequalities, the fascists who attacked them are simply spreading their anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic rhetoric within the Yellow Vest movement.

We have said it before and we repeat it again, the extreme right has no place anywhere: neither in the street, nor in the yellow vest movement. The far right has never defended the working class and has always stood by the bosses.

Alternative Libertarian expresses its solidarity with the comrades of the NPA and in particular with the activists that were injured during this attack. We will continue to resolutely oppose infiltration attempts by fascists. We will not give in to intimidation. We call on all progressive forces to take to the streets on Saturday, February 2, to reaffirm the strength of our common struggles.

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