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#Turkey’s ‘purge’ spreads to #Serbia as police threatens a Kurdish owned café

The owners of the Belgrade Maksim Caffe Lounge Bar are currently receiving threats from the Serbian police as well as Turkish authorities to close down the café due to its alleged perpetuation of ‘terrorist activities’.

Sumitted to Enough 14.

Note: Enough 14 is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

The café is located near the Turkish embassy in Belgrade and has become yet another victim of the dictatorial Turkish regime that called for arrests and detentions of hundreds of thousands Turkish citizens following the 2016. Coup. The Turkish regime not only persecute its own citizens who are seen as political opponents or are in any way seen as ‘opposing’ the ruling party, but aims to expand its area of influence by demanding persecution and extraditions of perceived ‘terrorists who pose a threat to the regime’ even far outside the borders of Turkey.

All the while, the world remains silent in regards to the blatant human rights violations and Turkey still officially remains a ‘safe country’.

According to the cafe’s owner, threats by the Serbian police under Turkish orders were prompted by the map of Kurdistan and the inscription “Kurdish Coffee” at the entrance to the cafe. They also state that the Serbian police themselves say that the café did not violate any laws. However the Serbian police claims to be unable to resist Turkish demands due to its power and influence.

The owners of Maxim Caffe further detailed the situation in the following post posted on the cafes Facebook page:


1. The Turkish Embassy sent a letter to the police threatening to close the cafe in one way or another, because we are near the Turkish embassy and we are calling our coffee ‘Kurdish’ instead of ‘Turkish’. The type of coffee we serve is our own style of coffee to which we have full rights. Therefore we also have the right to name it how we please.

2. This is an attack on minorities and my family by calling us terrorists. Why is the name ‘kurdish coffee’ a terrorist act? Because Kurds as a nation are terrorists by default? I do not advertise any political party. For people who have not been instructed, the Kurds come from the ancient Mesopotamia, cradle of all civilizations.

3. Why is Serbia encouraging foreigners to start a business in Serbia if those same foreigners won’t be given basic rights and freedoms? Are all the rules that apply in this case the rules dictated by the Turkish embassy?

4. I have a child, I am pregnant and I need this job to survive. The Turkish embassy threatens to close my bar, I live in fear due to various threats me and my family receive. Will someone react or will the Turkish authority’s will continue to be implemented in Serbia?”

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