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#Amsterdam: Bloc for Radical #ClimateJustice

On sunday the 10th of March a historic climate demonstration will take place in Amsterdam, organised by a broad coalition of social organisations. It’s anticipated to be one of the largest climate mobilisations in the history of the Netherlands.

Originally published by Bloc for Radical Climate Justice Facebook event page.

Note: Enough 14 is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

We support the march and call for the formation of a large militant ‘Bloc for Radical Climate Justice’. Climate change is only one of the symptoms of this political and economic system that values profit over human beings and nature. This system is addicted to growth, and produces extreme inequality, dividing people and destroying the habitability of our planet. This system, laying the problem at the feet of individuals, has proved itself incapable of countering climate change in any just manner.

With full determination we distance ourselves from the neo-liberal ‘climate accord’ of the Dutch government. When working people are made to pay the cost of climate change and polluters are protected – as the Rutte government wishes – then racism, nationalism and the climate denial of the extreme right will continue to grow.

Instead, we present ten starting points for radical climate justice:

1. Oil, coal and gas stay in the ground, 100% renewables in the hands of local communities.
2. A direct and real end to gas extraction in Groningen, including proper compensation for all damages.
3. Free good quality public transport, replacing expansion of highways and airports.
4. Implementation of a ‘Delta plan’ for energy saving and isolation of homes.
5. An end to factory farming and industrial agriculture, access to organic food for all.
6. Mass investment in nature restoration, biodiversity and the planting of new forests.
7. A just transition for all workers in the necessarily disappearing industries.
8 No false solutions – such as carbon trade and storage, nuclear energy, ‘bio’-fuels and geo-engineering.
9. Borderless solidarity and reparations – nationalism and xenophobia are not answers to climate change.
10. Make the multinationals and the rich pay!

March with us when you believe a more just world is possible.
March with us in solidarity with (climate)refugees and against Fortress Europe.
March with us when you believe in building a militant mass movement to stop climate chaos!

Suporting organisations: Code Rood, Climate Liberation Bloc / CLuB, Fossil Free Culture NL, ASEED Europe, GroenFront,, Behoud Lutkemeer, Nederlands Palestina Komitee, Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam, NieuwLand, Anarchistische Groep Nijmegen, Bond Precaire Woonvormen, 2.Dh5, KSU Basta, Bezorgde Amsterdammers, Geen kind aan de kant, Autonomen Brabant, Doorbraak, Stop the War on Migrants, Grenzeloos,

Organisations that would like to join this bloc can get in touch via

The Bloc for Radical Climate Justice is receiving financial support from Het Actiefonds (Warning Facebook Link).

Additional information from Indymedia NL:

Meeting point for the Block for Radical Climate Justice: Vrankrijk

The Climate March will start from Dam Square. Anyone who wants to participate in the Block for Radical Climate Justice is requested to collect 12.30pm in front of Vrankrijk, at the Spuistraat 216 in Amsterdam. There, protest signs can be picked up and at 13.00 hours a short militant route will be walked to Dam Square, where we will join the rest of the demonstration. The Block for Radical Climate Justice will be positioned to the left of the stage and will be recognisable there by the banners and flags mentioned above. After a short stage program, we will walk together via the Rokin and the Vijzelstraat to the Museumplein.

The number of the legal team on March 10 is: 020 5353 390

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