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#Rojava: #YPJ welcomes March 8 with struggle

Rojava, March 8, 2019: Statement on Womensday by the YPJ General Command.

Originally published by YPJ.

Note: Enough 14 is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

For the anniversary of 8th March and with victory hailing us we congratulate all struggling women, women of the world that make immense efforts to create a free and peaceful life, and salute to the soul of resistance offered by the likes of martyr Leyla to change history for the same desire for freedom.

We are living in a time that witnesses a constant growth in struggles and resistance with women in the forefront. It is undoubtedly quite meaningful to celebrate 8 March in a time when Kurdish women and all activist women from all over the world peaked their struggle and resistance against the patriarchal mentality that sees femicide as valid. Today, women are standing up together to the colonialist structure that feeds on quenching women and denying their will, but that is slowly coming to an end as  there are women that build up and spread a mind of self-defense, protection and knowledge on ones self. This is most evident to the whole world with the emergence of and battle against the gangs of ISIS.

They weren’t just an armed force. When the ISIS gangs emerged on the stage they impersonated first and foremost the mentality of the authoritarian men. ISIS was from its core built upon misogynism. All the women, humanity and the whole world have seen that the ISIS thugs posed a force that trampled on all social values that attempted in the person of women to root out society’s pride, culture and morality.

The whole world, humanity and all women have witnessed that brutality. The ISIS gangs left everybody in deadly terror of their utterly brutal deeds on women, children and society. But that very same force broke down onto their knees and surrendered to women once faced by the spirit of resistance built up with the YPJ as the developing embodiment of all struggling women’s spirit. It speaks volumes of what the struggle of women have achieved in this age.

Experience gathered through all the struggles led by women throughout history nurtured the YPJ with the inspiration to crush that force that sentenced women to life in cages. Soon we all will hear the tidings of the end of the ISIS gangs that was so eager to break the will of women resisting against them.

We are witnessing their donwfall a day before 8 March and near to Newroz. These both days carry historically great importance for women and peoples in uprising. It is by virtue of the ideas, thoughts , philosophy and efforts made by Serok Apo for the sake of women that this struggle was possible. Hundreds of our dear friends had to sacrifice themselves for this difficult struggle. First during the phase of ‘The resistance of the age’ and then with the following ones, we had to depart from many of our beloved comrades in this crucial month of March. This month carries for us a great meaning, Without looking back and without to flinch, each of our fighters charged forward against the brutal enemies of humanity. As the YPJ we gave our promise to the martyrs to continue our struggle as started it, until real freedom is achieved for women in whole. With that pledge and believe we will continue our pursue for the realization of the dreams and goals of all women. We are bound to succeed for the sake of the fallen comrades’ loving friendship, and for the sake of all female martyrs of women’s rights.

We call upon all women to revive the understanding of self-defense in their minds, for it is indispensible against that system which targets women, kills them, enslaves them mentally and gives them free to all sorts of expressions of violence. The only way for us women to free ourselves from a system that denies us is to from general defense mechanisms. A woman that defends herself defends life itself. A woman that defends herself defends society itself. That woman that defends herself protects all the values of their society. Protection is needed. Let us fill that lack of defense with organised struggle and fight everywhere where women share the breath of life.

We celebrate 8 March in anticipation of this meaningfulness and importance. With that said, we congratulate for the coming day once again all women, and peoples that embrace the women’s struggle with heart and mind, by saluting to all the women and men that are currently in hunger strike, and to all women in Northern Syria and women that fight even in these moments from the trenches in the frontlines.

YPJ General Command, March 8, 2019

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