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Anarchist Days (Jornadas Anarquistas) 2019

Statement by Coordinación Anarquista Brasilera (CAB), Federación Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU), Federación Anarquista de Rosario (Argentina) (FAR), Organización Anarquista de Córdoba (Argentina) (OAC), OSRL Anarquismo Organizado (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Núcleo Pro-Federación (Chile) and Coordinación de Grupos Anarquistas (CGA-Francia).

Originally published by Anarkismo.

Note: Enough 14 is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Anarchist Days 2019


In these challenging times, where there is great political confusion, where old practices which lead to the same port are renewed, as is the case with the variety of electioneering offers that ensure they are not going to deviate from the path of a “responsible and mature” politics: while global poverty, precariousness, unemployment and the desperate migration of millions of people increase; while despair grows and authoritarian and neoliberal proposals are gaining ground, where technical coups take place with a view to the most rancid bourgeoisie taking up the state’s helm again. Nothing should escape its control and, within this framework, the imperialist policies of the USA and European Union place their chips and interests on the global game board. Thereby increasing, with variants in every region of the planet, the so-called surplus population, stripped of the essentials to live; while the population that suffers various levels of precariousness grows in size and severity. A world that is increasingly designed for less and less people, an increasingly small population that is fully “integrated” into the global capitalist system, where precariousness, segregation, segmentation and survival are constantly increasing. And at the other extreme, wealth is increasingly concentrated in the hands of fewer people.

This situation, with variants, is more familiar to us. There will be no transformation of this situation through the channels that the system leaves available (elections, parliaments, governments and judicial system), since all these structures are established in order to perpetuate and deepen the “bourgeois” social order. It is for this reason that a way out for the people themselves is necessary and urgent. A way out regarding which we organised anarchists have a lot to say and contribute.

This is why the action of Politically Organized Anarchism (Especifismo) has a lot to say and contribute, on an effective strategy for struggle, but also to learn and be updated at this juncture. We are convinced that Anarchism must be operational, agile, that it must be in tune with the new social realities in order to combat the brutality that this ruthless system imposes on those at the bottom of society, the oppressed class. But for this, we reiterate, Anarchism must be organized politically. It is the Political Organization that enables militants to process necessary discussions and debates, to make pertinent contextual analyses, to define action and development plans, to refine tactics with precision, but also to determine a finalist strategy and the adequacy of that strategy for each period of action, for each conjuncture – what we call Strategy in the Strict Sense – and also to develop the necessary technical aspects inherent to the political organization. All this in constant interaction with the social environment; the Political Organization’s reason for being is the social insertion of Anarchism, precisely to make it more effective and to influence and provide a pole of attraction to processes of popular outcome.

Therefore, it is not enough to be inserted, to do things in the social environment without planning. We live life in insertion, but it is necessary to complement it with the Political Organization, that small engine that pushes the popular movement. The Anarchist Political Organization, according to the especifista conception, is not a vanguard, but militant abnegation with the purpose of encouraging and guiding a process of revolutionary rupture with the widespread participation of the organized people. Deeply respecting the specificity of that level. We have called that process Popular Power, the process of building the people’s organisms of power with which bourgeois power structures will be replaced. Thus, social insertion and political organization go hand in hand and are articulated horizontally in a very different way to that proposed and developed by all the vanguards of the left until now; which have done nothing more than limit the development of popular organizations and instrumentalize them as “apparatuses” useful to their parties. For that reason Especifista Anarchism speaks about a Strong People and not about a “strong party” as all the currents of Marxism have proposed. We advocate a Strong People, a people that builds its own destiny and its instances and degrees of freedom according to its experience of struggles and development and advances in the process of rupture.

For a long time already in Latin America we have been making a constant effort and with all the modesty of our forces, in the direction of promoting Especifismo. A not insignificant journey has been made. Moreover, today Organized Anarchism has a presence and pole of attraction in countries where it had practically disappeared. It affects the popular level and in a strong way. We must continue this path, we must give it a “push”, help to move it forward. We need Especifismo, that is to say Politically Organized Anarchism, to grow and strengthen in other countries and regions. To strengthen processes that have been cementing themselves, at a serene pace, calm but firm. Something similar can be said about the need to grow and strengthen in other regions of the planet.

We are speaking about Political Organization with an Organizational Charter, Declaration of Principles, regular functioning of its organisational instances and a practice of Federalism, development and monitoring of work plans for each social environment, plans for tasks specific to the Organization, propaganda and dissemination of ideas and of the general and concrete political proposal for every environment and circumstance.

But the Political Organization is also in charge of the formulation of theory, that is the tools of analysis to know the reality, interpret it and be able to act with greater accuracy and effectiveness in it. This task, of theoretical development, is understood by us as one of primary importance and of necessary constant exchange between Organizations.

The development of the Political Organization must take place within the framework of the development of insertion – and together with it – in the different work fronts. Often there are limited possibilities to develop insertion in all possible fronts of work or in those that we define as priorities because of class allegiances or the social weight of said sector in the ideological notions that it produces. But one must take these limitations into account and work in that direction, planning a project of insertion or for approaching certain sectors that allows us to grow our orientation in the most vast popular sectors.

These are the common tools – together with political practices – that allow us to demonstrate a common militant style and matrix, but also a common proposal and societal project. In the same way, a common criticism of the capitalist system of oppression. Presenting a common body at the international level strengthens our current and our approach; logically, with the particularities of each country or region, which enrich the global process.

But we want to insist on the need to enhance Especifismo and have a kind of international “relaunching” of our political current, or give it strength and consistency, anchoring organizations where we are not yet present, strengthening those that do exist and the bonds between us.

The times that lie ahead demand concerted action and permanent solidarity between organizations, with the necessary mutual aid that potentiates concrete projects of social insertion and fronts of action, but that also amplifies our voice and political proposal at a general level. It demands equally of us greater militant rigor and political training of all our militants. We also need to develop the necessary instruments and tools to face the circumstances that are coming.

Therefore, in this instance of Anarchist Days we have discussed and agreed on the following proposals:

1) Consolidating the construction processes of specific organizations.

2) Strengthening bonds of solidarity and political exchange between organizations on a daily basis, including organizations’ appropriation of the website, in order to spread our activities, positions and materials. This website should be a platform for launching our current and political and social project.
3) Joint work on the development of our theory and tools of analysis. There are already texts being circulated, but others can be proposed and topics to be investigated and worked on together (for example, Popular Power, Resistance, etc.) can be established.

4) Moving towards the coordination of organizations at the level of each region (Europe, South America) and establishing organizations responsible for monitoring and supporting other processes in other parts of the planet.
5) Defining general courses of action in the coming years and areas of work, as well as the necessary support from outside (for example: in the face of the advance of the extreme right in European countries, or the intensification of repression in Latin America).

Signed by:

Coordinación Anarquista Brasilera (CAB)
Federación Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU)
Federación Anarquista de Rosario (Argentina) (FAR)
Organización Anarquista de Córdoba (Argentina) (OAC)
OSRL Anarquismo Organizado (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Núcleo Pro-Federación (Chile) 
Coordinación de Grupos Anarquistas (CGA-Francia)

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