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#Finland: Protestors climbed on machines to block the works at #Valkeakoski gold mine

Protestors climbed on machines to block the works at Valkeakoski (Finland) gold mine – “Independent specialists have to asses the environmental impacts of the mine”.

Submitted to Enough is Enough. Image above by Pelastetaan Kaapelinkulma

Note: Enough 14 is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

In Valkeakoski, Finland, opponents of the local gold mine have once again stopped the works by climbing on construction machines. The protest that started early in the morning aims to draw attention of the officials to the mine’s environmental impacts.

Pelastetaan Kaapelinkulma-movement (Save Kaapelinkulma) has organized several protests against the mine this spring and has succesfully slowed down the works at the site. The movement is determined to keep taking action until the officials shut down Dragon Mining’s operations in Valkeakoski and assess it’s impact on the environment with the help of specialists independent of the company.

Dragon Mining has continuously overlooked it’s environmental obligations and all of the company’s mining projects and enrichment facilities in Finland and in Sweden have caused environmental destruction. The company benefits from loose legislation and lack of monitoring, and it does not pay corporate taxes. In Orivesi, Finland, the company has been able to run a gold mine that has no valid environmental permit by appealing to

Save Kaapelinkulma -movement is raising the question about the meaning of such permits, as Dragon Mining is allowed to continue to destroy the environment and even expand it’s operations to new locations. How can
officials, decision-makers or citizens trust the environmental impact evaluations delivered by a company that is well-known for it’s violations?

Save Kaapelinkulma -movement is resisting the gold mine by Dragon Mining in Valkeakoski, Finland. With their actions, the movement wants to remind people that the work at the site can not be accepted while the environmental impacts of the operations have not been properly assessed and the locals’ motion to the Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI) to reassess the environmental permits is still being processed by the administrative court in Vaasa, Finland. The movement demands that the impact on waterways, noise and dust, and the harm caused by arsenic in the rock be assessed. Save Kaapelinkulma calls upon all those concerned about the environmental impact of the mine to join them in action and resistance.

More information:

Save Kaapelinkulma (Pelastetaan Kaapelinkulma), March 19, 2019

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