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#RefugeesGR have ended protests at Syntagma square in #Athens

Athens: After the eviction of 4 squats in Exarchia, Athens, refugees started a protest camp on Thursday. The first squats that were evicted were Azadi and Babylon, 8 days later Clandestina and Cyclopi were evicted. Today the protest against the evictions at Syntagma ended, some of the refugees where brought to the Elleonas camp, but others are still homeless.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle. Image below by @Refugees_GR. Video by Arash Hampay’s Facebook Profile.

Note: Enough 14 is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Around 05:00am IOM employees and Greek police came to the protest camp and offered the people that became homeless after the evictions a place to stay at different places. Some of these places where hours away from Athens. The protesters refused the offer. IOM and the state hand in hand… I worked in many places and IOM is one of these organisations that makes you expect the worst as sson as they show up. It’s also not exactly the first time that they are working hand in hand with cops.

The cops had threatened to evict the protest camp at Syntagma and when IOM and the cops came back with another offer later today, the protesting refugees accepted. Threatened, and tired after the wave of ecictions of refugee squats in the past week they decided to accept the second offer and were brought to the Elleonas camp (Video below courtesty of Arash Hampay Facebook profile).

More than 50 people went to the camp. But others are still homeless. Some of the women didn’t want to go to
Elleonas becausew they don’t feel safe there. Others were refused by IOM and Greek authorities because they don’t have the right papers.

The Our House project released a statement about the end of the protest camp. On their Facebook page they wrote: “Update on peaceful protest

Just a short while ago the protest ended.

Of the group, 56 will go to Elleonas camp, there are some not accepted and some women believe the camp to be unsafe for them.

Our House has placed a number of women in a temporary shelter. They can only stay longer if we can raise funds for them.

Many people feel unsafe in the camps.

This week has been traumatic for many, children witnessing scenes and fear they should never see. People suffering already from the effects of war and journey to freedom to be met with brutal treatment in this city.

If the authorities had another, safe solution to a squat then why not first provide that with EU funding, why throw children just to the street?

Our House will see these people again, each day, joining the long queue for food.

Welcome to Athens.”

In a second statement the Our House project wrote on their Facebook page: “HELP NEEDED FOR LONE WOMEN WITH CHILDREN

There are 14 women, with very small children or alone who cannot go to Elleonas camp. Either they are not accepted by the authorities or feel afraid to go.

Our House does not have the appropriate resources for housing these women with babies.

We call out to other groups, can you help these women.

Some are Iranian, some African nationality.

Please message us if you can help them.”

You can send Our House a message on their Facebook page or at Twitter.

After the eviciton and during the days of protest Our House has cooked more than 1500 meals for the people who were evicted and other homeless people. The activists will continue to support refugees in Athens. They urgently need donations to organize housing for the people that are still homeless after the evictions and to continue the food distribution at Victoria square. You can donate by PayPal:

Image by @Refugees_GR

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