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#Berlin, #Rigaer: Resistance in the danger area – Solidary trial support

Berlin: The district around Rigaer Straße has been a so-called danger area for at least three years now. This gives the cops the legal legitimation to carry out checks independent of suspicion.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Edited machine translation Enough 14.

Note: Enough 14 is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

In 2016, 1880 id checks were carried out within 6 weeks. This is an attempt to intimidate residents and visitors of the neighbourhood and to isolate the rebellious street as much as possible. This strategy was only partially successful, as people who are angry also like to get together and develop counter-strategies.

On 20.10.2017 a discussion event on the topic “Cops presence in the neighbourhood” took place in the youth club of the Rigaer 94. There various interested and affected people, visitors and neighbours could talk about the handling of the danger area around the Rigaer and exchange themselves. During the event, it was reported that people were being checked and undressed at Dorfplatz (square in the neighbourhood) at that moment. As a result, some of the participants of the event went to Dorfplatz to show their solidarity with the people being checked.

The entire group and other persons on the street were surrounded by the approaching 36th riot squad and brought one after the other into the waiting police vans. There the personal details were checked and the cops gave them a ban for the premises.

On 19.03.2018 one person received a penalty order for 70 daily rates of 20 Euro each for resistance against law enforcement officers (§113 StGB).

The order of punishment was motivated by the fact that she had not complied with the request to accompany the cops to the vehicle, even under threats of coercion, within the framework of a police check under the law on the prevention of danger. Then she defended herself against the measure by attempting to evade the grip by turning and winching, by resisting the walking direction and by lifting her legs.

An appeal was filed against the penalty order and in August 2018 the first hearing was held before the Moabit District Court, which was spontaneously cancelled on the spot. The second trial took place in the absence of the defendants in October 2018 and the verdict confirmed the demand of the penalty order with the justification:

“The request for legitimation by means of an identity card within the framework of a hazard prevention measure was admissible

The defendant deliberately impeded and delayed the police action through her uncooperative behavior. Although her violence against the measures is rather at the lower level of punishability, the threshold of § 113 StGB is quite low. A counteracting against the removal by police officers or the attempt to free oneself from the police grip satisfies the requirements of the offence”.

An appeal has been filed against this decision and the next step is the trial before the Regional Court.

Those affected by repression must not be isolated, neither in court nor on Dorfplatz.

Come to the solidarity trial support: 24.04.19 – 09:00 – Room 3/729 – Turmstraße 91, Berlin.

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