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#Rouvikonas: direct action against Bershka following abusive treatment of employee – Video

Athens: Today on April 20th we made an intervention at Bershka, owned by Inditex, after a female worker reported the abusive treatment of her employer toward her.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Translated by Black Cat.

Note: Enough 14 is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

A video of the action:

Today on April 20th we made an intervention at Bershka, owned by Inditex, after a female worker reported the abusive treatment of her employer toward her. Her supervisor had locked her in a room against her will for 45 minutes in order to “break her” and make her sign her resignation. If she hadn’t done that, they would have to fire her and then they would be required to compensate her, while the initial reason for firing her was that she demanded to receive her unpaid salaries, that the company refused to put into her account. This fiasco was accompanied by threats that she would never be able to be hired again and that she stands no chance before the lawyers of such a powerful company. She was not allowed to call her family and began feeling so terrified that she eventually signed her resignation. Ofcourse, when she filed a complaint with the department of labour supervision, in order to receive a complete compensation, the legal representative of the company she worked for, not only refused everything but also claimed that the woman had committed a punishable violation as it appeared on cctv footage and that is why she resigned. So, in this way the company never had to answer to anyone or to pay the worker’s salary.

Only a few media platforms wrote about the incident and called it ‘shocking’. Regardless of how sad and enraged this incident made us, we are no longer shocked by the contemporary dystopian labour reality. Our lives have no value at the hands of the capital. Countless workers lose their lives at work daily, or work under exhausting and inhumane conditions, or never receive their salaries, or don’t get social insurance and all of these happen under the watchful eye of their supervisor and their bosses.

All of us, who are seen as nothing than a cheap labour, are called to endure their irrational demands, the power they exercise over our bodies using threats and intimidation and above all, according to the capitalist narrative, we ought to be greatful for our salary, which we are not allowed to claim when they refuse to pay us. This company, is also known for their campaign to abolish Sunday holiday, which constitutes an expression of the belief of the bosses and large multinational companies that they can unimpededly control the limited amount of time we have out of work.

On the other hand we are under no illusion that the fight for our rights and the improvement of working conditions will eliminate the great problem of labour within a capitalist system in a modern society governed by profit. But it is impossible not to face the facts of the society we live in.

Until the abolition of contemporary conditions of labour, we must participate in grassroots syndicalist organizations, organize and stand in solidarity with one another.

We must not let supervisors and bosses terrify us. We must claim what is ours. Justice is on our side. Nothing should remain unanswered.


Rouvikonas, April 20, 2019

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