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Repression after #NoG20 #Hamburg: Solidarity means Continue Fighting!

Hamburg: Speech by United we Stand at the prison rally on April 13, 2019 – Solidarity means continue fighting!

Originally published by Untited we Stand. Edited machine translation Enough 14.

Note: Enough 14 is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Hello dear friends and comrades inside and outside! First of all solidarity greetings to Loic, all other political prisoners and all prisoners in general. This is a speech of Solidarity Means Continue Fighting!

Almost 2 years ago in July 2017 there was the G20 summit in Hamburg, a meeting of the 19 richest countries in the world and the EU. Imperialists like Trump and Putin, dictatorships like Erdogan, torture states like Saudi Arabia and the so-called bourgeois democracies like France and Germany met. A self-proclaimed world government without any legitimation. The aim of the G20 was to agree on strategies for distributing power and wealth in order to secure and expand the wealth of the richest countries at the expense of the majority of the poorer world population through exploitation, expropriation, war, environmental destruction, famine catastrophes and the fight against refugee movements. 8 billionaires have more wealth than 50% of the world’s population. The summit of the rulers met the thousands of resistance of the left-wing movement against the world domination of the G20 countries in general and against the holding of the summit in a left-wing scene neighbourhood in particular as a declaration of war and provocation.

State repression had already taken place in the run-up to the event: a 38-square-kilometre demo ban zone, a ban on all camps, observations, raids on houses, an extra prison for G20 opponents with a special court attached to it. Around the summit there was then the largest police operation in Germany after World War II with 31,000 cops, 44 water cannons, 10 clearance tanks, 28 helicopters, 30 boats, 70 horses and 185 police dogs. This was countered by the massiveness and diversity of the resistance. Mass gatherings, a techno rave “Lieber tanz ich als G20” with 25,000 people, the autonomous anticapitalist demo “Welcome to Hell” with 15 to 20,000 people, the blockades of civil disobedience around the Red Zone, militant actions such as in the Elbchaussee, street fighting and riot in the Schanzenviertel with a police-free area for 4 hours, as well as the cross-spectrum mass demonstration with 80,000 people and much more. A total of around 200,000 people took part in the various protests. As expected, the G20 summit did not produce any concrete results from the point of view of the rulers. The costs amounted to EUR 300 million. Blockades of civil disobedience, militant small group actions, mass militancy and riot. Again and again, the highly equipped repressive apparatus lost control of what was happening. The state’s monopoly on the use of force was massively called into question and was temporarily lifted for several hours. Barricades and appropriation actions dominated the picture. Police units were repeatedly forced to flee.

Immediately after the summit, the state revenge campaign began. The massive repression of the state after the actions during the G20 summit continues to this day. A manhunt throughout Europe, staged several times as a public search, as well as numerous house searches and arrests show on the one hand the persecution zeal of the state, on the other hand the arbitrariness and weakness of state authorities. The specially for the G20 repression founded Soko “black block” with 180 officers initiated so far approx. 3,500 preliminary proceedings against 900 persons known by name as well as against unknown persons. The basis was often the evaluation of photo and video files using facial recognition software. So far, there have been 5 public searches with photographs of 400 persons, of whom 110 persons are said to have been identified. The judiciary can’t cope, only 143 court proceedings were completed (as of January 2019), of which 9 prison sentences without probation, 51 prison sentences with probation, the rest are fines, suspensions and acquittals. At least the acquittal rate of 10 % in G20 proceedings is far above the average of 2 %.

An end to the legal aftermath is far from over. Since 18.12.2018 the so called “Elbchaussee trial” (against 4 people from Frankfurt/Offenbach and Loic from France is under way). 2 people from Frankfurt/Offenbach were in custody for almost 8 months before the arrest warrants were finally lifted in February of this year. Loic from France was arrested in August 2018 on the basis of a warrant issued by Germany.
Arrested in France, transferred to Germany in October 2018 and is the only person still in pre-trial detention. Loic has to be released from prison!


In the early morning hours of the first day of the summit, some 100 activists expressed their anger at the prevailing conditions and demonstrated their unforgivingness with the capitalist system by devitrifying consulates, banks, shops and offices and burning cars in Elbchaussee, a villa district. Given the relative silence, even indifference, of attacks on refugees and their shelters, it is not surprising what outrage a few broken windows and cars cause. It is still true: “Windows clink and you scream, people die and you are silent!” The victims in the Elbchaussee were assured a payment of up to 40 million EUR, the relatives of the victims of the NSU were granted a total of one million EUR compensation. This illustrates the massive discrepancy in the perception of the value of human lives compared to goods and consumer goods. The car is the German’s dearest child!

The 5 defendants are presented as alleged perpetrators, they are not accused of specific acts, they are supposed to have been there. In this way, the public prosecutor’s office constructs a joint criminal liability for everything! Already the mere presence on a demo, from which punishable actions take place, should be punishable for each participant, even if the participant only joined later or should have left prematurely. From a legal point of view, it certainly makes sense and is necessary to attack this construct of collective guilt.

In our understanding of solidarity, it does not matter whether someone is active in such an action or merely present. Our solidarity applies to all those involved in the action! Resistance is diverse and indivisible, our solidarity applies to all those affected by repression, no matter what they are supposed to have done according to the accusations of class justice. Solidarity is indivisible! It is obvious that the prosecution is about preventing people from joining future political protest and intimidating a whole movement in which individuals are punished draconically. Police and public prosecutor’s office finally want to show results after more than 1 ½ years work of the particularly created black block task force, present “guilty ones” present and want to make an example with the help of the courts.

The defendants have a long trial in front of them, in the meantime further trial days until September 2019 have been scheduled. The Elbchaussee show trial must be continued to be accompanied and criticized. The first two days of the trial took place in front of an overcrowded auditorium, the defendants were greeted and bid farewell with applause that lasted for minutes, Victory signs and raised fists. On the 3rd day of the trial, the public was excluded for the entire duration of the taking of evidence at the request of the public prosecutor’s office, this applies up to the pleadings and the pronouncement of the verdict. The intended “ghost trial” under exclusion of the public is an attack on the critical solidarity of the trial, on us as a solidarity movement as a whole. The exclusion took place against the declared will of the accused – also juveniles – and their lawyers. The reason given was that it was actually claimed that solidarity was “harmful to parenting”, that the young people could not freely and uninfluencedly decide whether they wanted to testify and show remorse, among other things because of the recommendation to refuse to testify by the Rote Hilfe and the support of United we Stand as well as because of the expressions of solidarity from the public. The real reason for the exclusion of the public is the militant behaviour of the solidarity movement, which is neither distanced nor intimidated and expresses this clearly. The defendants want and need our full solidarity, especially Loic, who is still in prison.

Already at the beginning of the trial there were actions, rallies and demonstrations in several cities, also in France, such as the powerful demonstration on the eve of the first day of the trial in Hamburg with about 500 participants, later on 16.3.19 on the day of the political prisoners another demonstration took place with about 400 people. On the individual days of the trial there were rallies in front of the courthouse with speeches and music. In addition there are before each trial day from 7.00 to 8.00 o’clock radio transmissions on FSK to the current procedure happening. This will go on like this, the next trial dates are April 26 and May 2 and 3, each at 9.30 a.m., still without public in the courthouse, but with rallies starting at 9.00 a.m. in front. Solidarity is diverse. There have also been direct solidarity actions, even recently. In a statement published on Indymedia on 29.3.19 it says: “In the night from 28. to 29.3 the windows of two real estate agencies on the Randalehauptstraße Elbchaussee were destroyed. Against the city of the rich! With joy it was to be noticed that on the same night other angry people attacked the district court in Barmbek. No peace to the G20 show trials, supports the prisoners, Anna and Arthur keep their mouths shut ! Solidarity means to fight on !” (as far as this declaration is concerned).

We will continue to do demonstrations, we will continue to do rallies, to the trial dates at the court and also here at the prison. Let us show the defendants that they are not alone. Write lots of postcards and letters to Loic. Let’s break the isolation! For Loic: Solidarity means to continue fighting, for you and together with you! We don’t let ourselves be divided into “good” and “evil”, the resistance against the G20 summit in Hamburg was legitimate.

Our solidarity against their repression!
Solidarity is a weapon!
Solidarity means to continue fighting!

United we stand!

Power through the wall until it breaks!
Liberte pour Loic!

United We Stand, April, 13, 2019

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