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#Antifa #Austria: Demonstration against #Ustaša meeting in #Bleiburg / #Pliberk

Austria: On May 18 the Ustaša meeting takes place again in Bleiburg/Pliberk (southern Carinthia). Officially, it is considered a church memorial event – in reality, (neo-) fascists gather there to commemorate the Ustaša state (NDH) that was allied with Nazi Germany.

Originally published by Plattform Radikale Linke  Facebook event page. Edited machine translation by Enough 14.

The participants of the Ustaša meeting are apprehended a narrative according to which Ustaša and Croat women fleeing to Bleiburg in 1945 would have become victims of the partisans and allies during the liberation of Carinthia. In doing so, they rely on the myth of a massacre at the Loibach field/Libuško polje, which has not been handed down historically, but cultivated from publications from the exiled Croatian communities after 1945. The dead and injured in the last battles around Bleiburg/Pliberk as well as suicides on the aforementioned Loibacher Feld/Libuško polje have been hand down.

The meeting, at which around 15,000 fascists gather every year, is one of the largest far-right gatherings in Europe! That is why we must take the streets to show that the far-right and historical revisionism have no place in society.

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To show our resistance, we call for a demonstration on 18.05! Meeting point is at 09:00am at the forecourt of the Bleiburg (Land) train station.

P.S.: For travelling from Vienna please contact us at the following e-mail address:

We recommend a common journey, no matter where you come from, talk together and get active!

For more information please contact us at:
Current developments and news about the protests against the Ustaša meeting can be found on Facebook at (Warning Facebook Link)!

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