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#YellowVests (or not) – For a #MayDay of combat – Direct anti-capitalist action

Gilets Jaunes and Black Bloc activists: Another call for a combative May Day in Paris.

Originally published by Paris Luttes. Edited machine translation by Enough 14.

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Despite all the class contempt that the lackey journalists-cops and other ideologues of the state express towards us, we “the beggars”, “the vile rabble”, “the plebe”, “the scoundrel”, “the scoundrel”, we proletarians….

The powerful social movement that is shaking France, known as the “yellow vests”, is now entering its sixth month of continuous struggle, with its heterogeneity and confusion, of course, but also with its refusal to comply with bourgeois law and order, to be framed by political parties and trade unions, with its refusal of any representation or delegation of its power of action, with all its strength and determination, thus somewhat undermining the general characteristics of proletarian struggles as they have developed in recent decades.

And this, despite police repression: the hundreds of seriously injured, the demonstrators slashed and their hands torn off, the trauma caused by brutal beatings, the thousands of grenades of all kinds fired in demonstrations, the use of war weapons and armoured assault vehicles in front of the demonstrators, the thousands of arrests, raids in train stations and tens of thousands of preventive controls on demonstration days, the closure of assembly areas, the deployment of soldiers from the “Sentinel” operation (known as “anti-terrorist”) to maintain order in the bourgeois policing system, the break-up of occupied roundabouts and other places for struggle, discussion and organization of the movement.

And this, despite the judicial repression: hundreds of prison sentences, thousands of suspended sentences as a warning, bans on demonstrations, the “anti-rioter law”, house arrests.

And this, despite the repression against journalists: all the lies published in the tabloids of the ruling class, just good at lighting a fire, all the class contempt that the lackey journalists-cops and other ideologues of the state express towards us, we “beggars”, “the vile rabble”, “the plebe”, “the rascal”, “the scoundrel”, “the proletarians”.

And this, despite the trade union repression: these state pharmacies (which no longer have anything, or even have never had anything, for workers) whose essential mission is precisely to prevent and, if necessary, to control, suffocate, legalize and bring back to a harmless siding, the explosion of our devastating rage of angry proletarians, whether or not we are wearing yellow vests, in the fight against exploitation and poverty.

And this, despite the haughty contempt displayed by most of the sects of the ultra-left (self-proclaimed “communist left”), for whom, from the top of their ideological pedestals and filled with their sufficiency and morgue, the “yellow vests” movement does not embody the “purity” of the proletariat they dream of being the “beloved leaders” leading their docile flock on the path to the ” bright future ” of ” real socialism “.

And this, despite all the other traps, false solutions, alternative cans, set up on our way: direct and participatory democracy” (RIC and other bullshit), for example, will only allow the oppressed to participate better and more openly in their own oppression; it is in fact the whole system of (bourgeois) politics, and the capitalist social relations that go with it, that must be turned upside down, eradicated, annihilated, erased and destroyed, that must be get rid of and not be reformed.

Basically, “we are not French, we are not the people, we are not citizens, we are the proletariat”. We are the coming revolution, we are the final solution to all the social contradictions that divide humanity into two classes with diametrically and viscerally antagonistic interests: the holders of private property of the means of production against the dispossessed of the means of existence they want to re-appropriate.

No one will be surprised, therefore, in view of the development of these struggles, that this year, May 1, will probably be more virulent, more radical, and therefore more violent than ever before, thus expressing what this symbolic day historically represents at an international level: a day of struggle and combat by the world proletariat that originates in the massacre of our fellow workers and anarchist communists during the Haymarket Square events in Chicago (USA) in 1886.

Already “black blocks” are calling for mobilization in Paris, “for a yellow and black May 1st”, in convergence with the most radical fringes of the “yellow vests”:

May 1st will be a day of struggle. A day in hell for the people who will defend the system. But for us (…) this day will be a celebration, a day to express our anger and revolt. A day when destiny will change. ”

(“Black Bloc France”, April 9, 2019)

We do not believe that the maturing of material conditions and struggles is such that ” destiny will change “.
Nevertheless, on May 1st, certain streets and bourgeois districts of Paris and other cities of France and Navarre will be burned by the flames of the just and healthy anger of our class, luxury shops will be looted (as when the Champs Elysées was plundered last March 16th) and the merchandise will be redistributed among “the damned of the earth” (reclaiming the social wealth produced by us as proletarians), that the armed mercenaries in the pay of the capitalist class finally take it for their rank and are forced to retreat or desert (as the cops who passed through the insurgent proletariat camp in Bolivia in 2003 did), nothing more normal and logical, nothing more healthy and salutary, it would even be distressing if none of this did not happen.

But it would also be equally distressing (for other reasons, certainly) and damaging for the rest of our movement of opposition to the present order of things if all this were to happen simply and if we were to stop there, if we were to limit ourselves to class violence that might turn into a spectacle of violence, Let us not go any further, let us not deepen the gap, the chasm that separates us from them, us humanity in struggle and they the capitalists and their world, made up of misery, exploitation, war and suffering.

What the struggle of the “yellow vest” movement (and more generally the proletariat) needs most is not the endless repetition, “Act” after “Act”, Saturday of demonstration after Saturday of demonstration, of the same confrontations with repressive forces trained in this little game “of the policeman and the thief” (although we do not mark any opposition to the violence of our class against the forces of Death), but what we need is well to develop our perspectives, our ruptures and radicality towards this world, to break the coherence of the cops and gendarmes who repress us, to seek the masters who govern us even in their impregnable fortresses, to burn their palaces and castles, to tear down the citadels of profit, to loot their banks, to block the whole economy, to dissolve their rate of surplus value and at the same time our exploitation, to organize the true strike of our class: the insurrectional general strike, etc.

As long as these essential points are not addressed, as long as a practical response is not put forward and assumed as such, i.e. as a total negation of the present order of things, then the emergence of a new world that we all have to win (we proletarians) and the affirmation of the order of things to come will only be pure speculation.

So until the bad days end….

Yellow vests (or not), black blocks (or not)
For a 1st May of combat, Direct anti-capitalist action

April 22, 2019


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