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#Zuerich, #Switzerland: Feminist strike block / FLTIQ* leads #MayDay demo

Zuerich, Switerland: At this year’s May Day demo, there will be a feminist strike block. We call all women, lesbians, trans, inter, genderqueers to march with us at the front of the demo!

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Edited machine translation by Enough 14.

It is time that we women, trans-, inter-, nonbinary- and queer-people unite. Therefore we will form the feminist head of the women strike block at the May Day demo in Zurich.
On Labour Day we have many reasons to take to the streets. In Switzerland, only 10% of the care work done is paid. The remaining 90% of this work is not paid – and over two thirds of this unpaid work is done by women. In short, housework and caring work maintain the capitalist economic system. We are fighting against this here and everywhere!
The patriarchy has had its day. Institutional sexism and racism must stop. Just as sexist, homo- and transphobic violence. Against fascism – more feminism! We demand climate justice and a feminist fight against the causes of climate change.

We are many and we are loud!
We meet at 09:30am Helvetia Square (Zuerich, Switzerland) at the Women’s Strike/Feminist Strike – Banner and at the Women’s Strike/Feminist Strike – tractor/car

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2 thoughts on “#Zuerich, #Switzerland: Feminist strike block / FLTIQ* leads #MayDay demo

  1. While equal pay for equal work, and fair sharing of care or house work are both legitimate to demand, I don’t see that that forms a sensible critique of capitalism, to complain there’s work that escapes being ruled by money.

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