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#Berlin: #Liebig34 calls for #MayDay in #Friedrichshain: Against the city of the rich!

Call by Liebig 34 for May Day in the Friedrichshain district in Berlin. Tonight there will be a Anarcha-Feminist Walpurgis night in Friedrichshain.

Originally published by Indymedia DE and Liebig 34.

You’ve probably all read it before: We, the anarcha-queer-feminist house project -Liebig34- in Friedrichshainer Nordkiez have been threatened with eviction since 01.01.2019 (see Indy Link). The eviction action against us has already been filed by the owner Padovicz. The situation is tense and our future uncertain.

The situation in Nordkiez is getting worse and worse. Pigs become more and more present, driving around constantly throughout neighbourhood. There’s almost always the constant sound of helicopters buzzing over our heads. Tagesspiegel and other media sources make blind assumptions of us and our friends. Berlin awaits to profit off of the riots and sells window seats for money in Rigaer Straße (Link Berliner Kurier). Geisel talks shit about us in press conferences and wants to pacify us and our resistance.

Our house has become more and more focused on the broad media public. And why? The 1st of May approaches.

May 1st autonomously runs through Friedrichshain in 2019, showing its determination against the city of the rich, seen evident in our neighbourhood. There is no better picture for capitalism and its henchmen than the cops driving up as “protection” from the CG construction site in Rigaer Straße. Meanwhile, Gröner trembles in fear of riots and as expected, the state is the instrument of the speculator.

We welcome the fact that 1 May is to be re-politicised. After years of party culture in the middle of the “myfest” in Kreuzberg, we now walk past our house in Friedrichshain. The demonstration will also pass other houses that were bought by the real estate shark Padovicz. In Friedrichshain alone, he owns around 200 properties and is pushing ahead with the sale of the former working class, inner city district. Like Akelius, Gröner and others, Padovicz stands for a Berlin that we reject – a Berlin that only has room for profit and regresses into a city of the rich. This day can be a test of what Senate, Cops and Padovicz expect if they dare to evict us. This speaks not only for the Liebig34 collective, but for all the house projects and people being pushed out by developers. We are many and fucking angry.

Berlin is getting ready for a fight against the patriarchy and the selling out of the city. In this way we can unite the most diverse struggles against oppression and show solidarity with other exploited people.

For it is not only we who are threatened with eviction and it is not only because of us that the masses go out into the streets to unleash their anger. The action for eviction against the Potse has been filed, it looks similar with the syndicate, in front of the G17A stand Securitys and an eviction becomes more probable, the contract of the pack ends at the end of May and theprocedure for eviction of the Kad(t)erschmiede of the Rigaer94 runs on 13.06. into the next round. Thousands and thousands of people showed their anguish against the development of the city on the “Mietenwahnsinn! demo”.

On May 1st we can join together and empower ourselves against the repression and oppression from this exploitative system. It is particularly empowering for us as a project that organizes itself without Cis men to hear that the first rows of this May 1st demonstration will be walking without Cis men. In this way new images can emerge and we can create a climate in which militancy and feminism think together and take direct action against patriarchal structures within our own circles. We welcome the demonstration in the Nordkiez and see it as an expression of our common struggle. We want to use the next time to get off the defensive and push forward an offensive approach against the city of the rich.

Let’s find solutions to attack gentrification, state and patriarchy.
Come to Wismarplatz on May 1st at 6 pm! See you then in the north district. It’s gonna be lit!

Your Liebig 34, April 30, 2019

Anarcha-Feminist Walpurgis night

What will the witches burn tonight?

Lets’s come together, dance around the fire or on Dorfplatz and hex the patriarchy for all the shit it is doing to us.

20:00 Dorfplatz: Vegan BBQ & DJ Foxxfaction (female* hip-hop)
20:30 Dorfplatz: Yansn (female hip hop)
21:30 Backyard: „Siksa“ (grrrl punk, Gniezno), „Gruftschlampen“ (dark punk/ new wave, Berlin)
23:00 Bar: Dj*anes & Drinks
23:00: „Plattna“
00:00: „Krawall & Liebe“
02:00: „Sinaij“

Secret room: Karaoke
Yard: Fire Bin & Cocktails

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