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#Helsinki, #Finland: YOUR TIME BELONGS TO YOU – the most beautiful bloc of the #MayDay demo

Finland, Helsinki: We invite everyone to the MayDay demonstration. Support our anti-capitalist anti-fascist bloc. For workers’ self-government and international solidarity!

Originally published by A-ryhmä Facebook event page.

We will meet at Hakaniemi Square on Wed 1.5. at 11 am.

Come and have a good time in good company while marching together with us in the most beautiful bloc. We will be marching without party insignia but not without a party atmosphere. Let´s all make sure the bloc stays safe and loud. There is no space for any kind of discrimination in this bloc.

The bloc is organized by A-Ryhmä, Varisverkosto Helsinki, Toveriverkosto and Helsingin anarkistinen musta risti and individual people.

Supporters: Mustan kanin kolo, Pinkkimusta Helsinki, Oikeus Elää! / Right To Live!, Stop Deportations, Vapaa liikkuvuus -verkosto, Vapaa syndikaatti

YOUR TIME BELONGS TO YOU. All the Sipiläs, Trumps and Orpos of the world want to enlist you to rake the forests. We don’t want our activeness or humanity to be measured based on how willing we are to roll on our back in front of the cutter.

THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE FEMINISTS. Even 175 years after Minna Canth’s birth we still don’t have true equality. We want to live in a world in which an attack against the uniqueness of a single living being will be seen as a threat to everybody’s freedom.

THE SURPLUS VALUE BELONGS TO THE COURIERS. Businesses want their employees to bear the burden of their costs for nothing but a minimum wage, if even that. In the fields of knowledge work and the platform economy the means of production are often already in the hands of the workers; we want them to also have all their surplus value.

MAY DAY BELONGS TO ANTI-CAPITALISTS. The history of May Day as the scene of working class struggle goes all the way back to Chicago in 1886, where a number of anarchists were hanged, after being accused, without evidence, of a bombing. We raise our rainbow flags in the air to honour them and all others who have given their lives in the centuries long battle against capitalism.

AUTONOMY BELONGS TO YOU. To us autonomy doesn’t mean the opportunity, granted by an empire or a European parliament, to appeal to our representatives every fourth year. To us it means direct and unlimited self-governance, in which all the aspects of life are always within shared decision-making.

YOUR LIFE BELONGS TO YOU. States and corporations want you to suffer the consequences of them polluting the air, clearing the rainforests of the Amazon and ruining the groundwaters of Kainuu and North Karelia. We want to follow the example of the Zapatists in giving all to all, or broadening the rights of every living being to include the right to make a living in the way they need to, whether it’s from the forests, factories, server farms or satellites.


A-ryhmä, April 2019

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