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#Wuppertal, German territory: Unregistered autonomous #MayDay demo marched in a good mood without police escort

Wuppertal, German territory: Since the autonomous bloc passed the DGB (Association of German Trade Unions) demo on the leftside in 1986, the unregistered autonomous mayday demonstration takes place in Wuppertal. In the 33 years of its existence, this demonstration was repeatedly harassed to varying degrees by the police.
In 2018, the new NRW state Interior Minister Reul and the new Police President Röhrl wanted to sharpen their profile as “Law-and-Order” politicians/policemen and prevent the only regular unannounced demonstration. The plan was successful last year with a large contingent and the use of brutal force and disregarded fundamental rights.

Originally published by Autonomer 1. Mai. Edited machine translation by Enough 14.

In 2019 Reul and Röhrl – who have no problem to make it possible for Nazis to have a Hitler birthday demonstration – wanted to prevent the mayday demonstration again.
To achieve this, they created a overwhelming police force in the Wupper Valley from many surrounding cities. They already harassed passers-by inside the entire area of the Elberfeld district on the evening before.
Since the planned starting point of the demonstration at the Autonomous Centre on the Gathe was blocked off early by police forces, some daring people rescheduled the day. Thus, instead of meeting on the Gathe, about 100 determined people met at the busy Mirker Bahnhof station and started their demo from there.

Since the police were so focused on the Autonomous Centre and too inflexible in their structures in their hatred of everything that is free, the demo was able to march through the streets for a long time without disturbances. Despite the many riot squads and the “professional preparation” (so the embarrassing press release of the police headquarters) the cops needed more than a quarter of an hour to spot the demonstration in the northern city district. Hungry for violence, fully masked and heavily armed units tried to stop people in Franzenstraße. However, these were interested in a self-determined demonstration and they did not engage in the confrontation desired by the police. They circumnavigated the hooligans in uniform and walked another quarter of an hour through the northern city. After the demonstration had been cleverly vanished into thin air, even the helicopter that had been hastily summoned could pollute nothing but the environment and cost money.

Afterwards the state authorites appeared as bad loser – so the spontaneous demonstration march through the north city district in the own press release about today is faded out deliberately and delivers the media lies – the cops also grabbed arbitrarily and partly brutally people from the streets. Even parents with small children were bullied.
Another unacceptable insolence is the hours long kettle in front of the AZ (Autonomous centre). But the brave people did not let the cops ruin the atmosphere (The group that was kettled was not the same as the people that did the spontaneous unregistered demo, the kettle was to prevent the announced but unregistered autonomous demo, Enough 14).
We know so far of one detention and some bans for the area. Solidarity to the prisoner(s) and those affected by repression. From 3 pm more and more people flocked to the self-organized street party on Schusterplatz (square), they enjoyed the good weather, there were speeches about care work and the wonderful HipHop crew AMK performed.

It has been shown that it is possible in Wuppertal, even against the concentrated will of the authorities, to oppose an ever more progressive restriction of fundamental rights, such as the freedom of assembly and demonstration, to enforce a self-determined and unregistered demonstration and thus at least take to the streets for a short time autonomously.
A small success was certainly achieved this year. Nevertheless, the disgust for hundreds of brutal cops who surround people and don’t let them go their own way remains. So it remains clear that today’s success can only be one stage on the way to an adequate autonomous Mayday in Wuppertal.

In this sense, on a resistant offensive!

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