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#Paris on #MayDay – “Hospital intrusion”: Dismanteling of a targeted hoax

On May 1, the repression was of an unprecedented savagery. To justify the unspeakable attacks on freedom to demonstrate in Paris, the government is mounting an extremely serious attack. And all the media follow.

Originally published by Nantes Revoltée Facebook page. Image above by @vidooshan (See the second tweet in the article).

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Video in the tweet below. A doctor of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris denies that there was an “intrusion”

It was Castaner (French minister of interior, Enough 14) who launched the first salvo in the afternoon. According to the Minister of the Interior, the hospital of La Pitié Salpétrière was “attacked” by dozens of ultra-left “black bloc” militants. To raise the level of the targeted hoax as much as possible, he went to the site, accompanied by journalists. BFM then goes on, and talks about an “intrusion of breakers”, a “hospital targeted”.

We then talk about “broken chains” by “yellow vests and masked people” who “tried to enter the intensive care unit”. The director of the Paris hospitals, close to Macron, repeats the lie: a “violent intrusion” into a “intensive care unit”. The same goes for the Minister of Health, who says she is “very shocked”.

In short, the picture is apocalyptic. The demonstrators are said to be real bloodthirsty barbarians, who came specially to vandalize a place of care and attack patients. Who believes it? Apart from radicalized macronists and fanatical media: no one.

Here are some testimonies of the facts:

  • A witness recounted: “I saw these demonstrators at the entrance to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital who wanted to take refuge because a column of CRSs was coming from the top of the boulevard… then the Commissioner spotted these people at the entrance, she ordered her police officers to come in and clear them. “
  • A doctor confirms: “I am a street medic, I was there at the time. Many people took refuge within the hospital compound to escape a mass gassing and CRS charge that took place in the street where the hospital is. “
  • On facebook, a demonstrator, Naty Ta, explains in detail: “Yes, the security guards were asked to open the gate so that we could take shelter from the water cannons and gas. They wouldn’t let us in, we were trapped like rats. The guys who forced the chain[…] allowed us to take shelter. There was nothing on our side just us a few pensioners, a few young people NOT wearing masks. 10 minutes later, the CRS returned to the hospital compound to gas us and beat us up… inside the hospital! A CRS cop said to me “bitch, get out”. For what reason? Because we just PROTECTED ourselves from the gas. Anyway, thanks to the nurses for helping us with the eye drops!”
  • A fourth testimony corroborates: “A group of demonstrators pursued by a motorcycle brigade took refuge in Mercy. They entered the building but never into the sheave (Note from translator, the original used word in French is réa, I am not dure if Sheave is the correct translation).”

As a reminder, last year the Macron government launched a huge attack on hospitals and the public health system. The caregivers were ringing the alarm bell, without being listened to. Today, the same government is setting up a case of “intrusion” into a hospital to justify its unprecedented violence. Those who ransack public hospitals invent “violence” against a place of care. Disgust.

But the lie is really too big to swallow.

Nantes Revoltée, May 2, 2019

Video of the “Black Bloc attack” on the hospital. People fleeing for police violence…

In the Tweet below you see the police violence where people where fleeing from…

Text of the tweet below: “The famous breakers of the #PitieSalpetriere: (1st photo), demonstrators and yellow vests come out of the hospital where they came in to protect themselves from the gases thrown by masked and helmeted men (2nd photo)”

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