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Gathering to commemorate #TonouMbobda in #Hamburg – A reportback

On May 5 there was a gathering to commemorate WilliamTonou Mbobda in front of the W37 building of the University hospital Eppendorf (UKE) in Hamburg. Bobda died on April 26, after he was beaten up by UKE security personel on April 21. A reportback and podcast.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle.

Enough 14 podcast with some of the speeches at the Gathering for Bobda on May 5, 2019:

Again and again there are reports about racial profiling in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district, especially around the legalized squats in the Hafenstrasse. I went to St. Pauli with a comrade to see it by myself. Many cops are wearing yellow vests in St. Pauli and it didn’t take long to see the first ones. We warned a few friends that the cops are coming and they were glad that we warned them. They looked scared, looking behind them to see if the cops were coming closer.

Five minutes later… In front of the Hafenstrasse buildings about 5 cops surrounded one person. Checking papers. other people were watching it behind the fence in the garden in front of the “room of solidarity”. Two white people were watching the scene. We were wearing black clothes, including hoodies, but the cops were not interested in us, they only checked people of colour.

This is Hamburg 2019, a city where institutional racism is happening in front of your eyes on public streets. And its getting worse and worse.

There was banner hanging on the stairs leading to the Hafenstrasse. The banner (Image in the tweet below)said: “In memory of William Tonou-Mbobda – Stop racist attacks! At 21.04.2019 William Tonou-Mbobda was brutally attacked, beaten and battered by UKE security personel. He died from the consequences of this attack on 26.04.2019. Prayer vigil and gathering at the crime scene University hospital Eppendorf clinical psychiatry (building 37), Sunday May 5, 2019, 11:00am

We decided to go to the gathering. We arrived early but there were already 100 people there. By 11:00am there were about 300 people. Some antifascists, anarchists and many people from the migrant communities. Speakers told us that Bobda wen to the psychiatry voluntarily, and asked for help. He was in an open clinic. On April 21 Bobda was attacked by 3 UKE security guards as he was sitting outside, in front of building 37, to relax. Before he went outside he refused to take drugs that UKE personel wanted to give him. Other patients that saw the brutal beatings on April 21 and were intimidated not to speak about the things they saw. The patients refused to keep their mouth shut and told about the savage attack by UKE security guards. They also told that Bobda said he can’t breath during the assault. A Cousin of Tonou-Mbobda said that Bobda died on April 21, not at April 26 as authorities had announced. They wanted people to calm down…

A lot of people at the gathering were sorrow-stricken when they heard how the attack took place and some got angry how UKE is trying to cover-up the attack. Including myself. The cops are investigating but because the UKE is carring out the autopsy by themselves, there is no trust in the investigation. At the end if the gathering there was a spontanious march to the UKE forensic medicine building to demand an independent investigation and justice for Bobda. In front of the forensic there was also a minute of silence to commemorate Bobda.

On May 10 there will be a demonstration to commemorate WilliamTonou Mbobda and to fight for justice. The demo is organized by the Lampedusa in Hamburg group. In their call they wrote:

Tonou-Mbobda was mercilessly bruised, beaten and suffocated to death by security guards at the University Clinic of Hamburg on Sunday the 21st of April 2019. The brutal killing of late Tonou Mbobda by UKE security guards was apparently motivated by anti-Black racism, and of course by the rising of nationalists and right wing movement. In fact, some people said that the security guards who brutalized our Comrade to death are known to be right-wing.

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