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Solidarity from #HambacherForest to #Iran!

The last year in Iran was shaped by revolts and protests against the religious fascist regime. With uprising strikes and the collective disobedience against stupid rules, like the enforcement to wear a headscarf in public as a wome*n, the people rise up against the state which suffers from sanctions.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt.

A lot of enviromental- and social activsts were put into prisons, tortured and partly legaly executed. #Esmaeil_Bakhshi survived the torture in prison just barley and need to be treated in hospital – he was arrested during a strike. Eight of nine enviromental activists are in prison since early 2018. One of them, #KavousSeyedEmami , was a well known professor and commited suicide allegedly. The Enviromental activists are accused of „Muhāraba“ (what in some islamic-justice means „a crime against gods law“ – and can be punished up to death sentence).

Also some of them are accused to be „spies of a foreign force“ with the justification that they set up camera traps to document the endangered Asian Cheetha. The activists deny to be spies vehemently, but at court they arent even allowed to choose laywers of their choice.

In September 2018 three kurdish activists, #RaminHosseinPanahi , #LoghmanMoradi and #ZanyarMoradi, got executed. They were forced by torture before to confess. The confessions, that they murdered the son of an Imam, they denied later in a public letter.

After Zarif met with Turkish officials, Iranian IRGC started to deploy forces to Kurdish regions of Iran. Hundreds of tanks and other heavy military equipments have also been deployed. Unclear if Iran and Turkey will start a joint operation against the PKK and PJAK.

The ongoing catastrophe #IranFloods took everything from a lot of people. Protests took place against missed Support by the state as a result of corruption. People are also pissed of (para-)military troops which suppress protest instead of supporting the people and also blocking direct support.

All these examples arent even the peak of the wave of repression that the state of Iran forces down on the people.

We are in solidarity with the prisoners and striking people which struggle for a future worthy to live, in intact nature and a self-determined life!

We hope that the ongoing ecological Revolution in Rojava is inspiring you as well to fight for a future were life is worth living!

We wish a lot of strength and bravery for the future to the loved ones and the bereaved of the imprisoned and executed activists!

We call everyone to take their anger to the streets – visit the institutions of the regime also here in Europe!

Organise Solidarity with the people in Iran!

Death to Fascism!

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