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#Rennes, #France: Incendiary revolt at the Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande detention centre during deportation of a migrant

France, May 10, 2019: After a migrant was deported from the migrant dentention center in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande (Ille-et-Vilaine), France, other migrants revolted, burning mattreeses and climbing on the roof.

Originally published by Sans Attendre Demain. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

On the night of May 9-10, around 3:00 am, the cops entered the buildings of the administrative detention center (CRA) of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande (Ille-et-Vilaine), near Rennes, where migrants awaiting deportation are imprisoned. In the middle of the night, their dirty work consisted of forcibly evicting an undocumented person by putting him on a plane, struck by an obligation to leave French territory. Even if the man was finally sent back “to his country” (sic), this expulsion did not this time pass in calm … because other detained people wanted to make it known in the most beautiful of ways …

About ten migrants took mattresses and linen out of two buildings. They lit the fire with toilet paper. Some rioters managed to climb on the roof of one of the buildings to express their anger.

The police officers, who guard the CRA, managed to extinguish the fires with fire extinguishers before the firefighters intervened. However, both premises were seriously degraded by opaque fumes, caused by mattress fires. They have been closed and are currently unusable.

Police reinforcements were sent to this CRA to attempt to “control rioters who did not want to get off the roof.” Other detainees were moved to other CRAs.

The confinement capacity of the CRA is now 25 instead of the usual 40. This Friday evening, 32 men and two women were locked up in Saint-Jacques.

Three people were transferred to the Oissel Migrant Prison near Rouen (Seine-Maritime). Two others from Sudan have been released.

Recall that a few months ago, the statutory period of confinement in the CRA was increased from 45 days to 90 days when the Asylum and Immigration Act was passed.

Solidarity with migrants in revolt!

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