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#Anarchism and #Marxism: In Dialogue with #Anarchopac

Zoe (AKA Anarchopac) join’s Breht for the second installment of our sub-series “In Dialogue With Anarchism”. Topics include: Anarchist social theory, organizationally-minded tendencies within anarchism, the Marxist and Anarchist conceptions of the State, our different organizing strategies, whether or not we can work together, and more!

Originally published by Revolutionary Left Radio.

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2 thoughts on “#Anarchism and #Marxism: In Dialogue with #Anarchopac

  1. The only time anarchists and marxists can work together is when the “marxists” are anarchists.
    Marxists want a state.
    Try as you will, it will be your funeral when the marxists implement their dictatorship of the “proletariat.”

  2. “you need to form caring relationships or you wont be free”

    not necessarily. this has nothing to do with whether or not you are free.

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