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Demonstration: Africa Liberation Day /#JusticeForMBobda May 25 – 12:00 at #UKE #Hamburg

On the 21st of April 2019 our brother Tonou-Mbobda died as a result of a racist, brutally inhuman and ultimately deadly attack by “security” personnel of the University Hospital Hamburg – Eppendorf (UKE).

Originally published by Black Community Hamburg. Edited machine translation by Enough 14.

Justice for Brother Tonou-Mbobda – #JusticeForMbobda

This murder is racist not “only” per se, because here a black person’s life was taken violently by representatives of white power structures, but especially by the way in which the responsible hospital tries to justify itself at the expense of the dead and positions itself vis-à-vis the family, witnesses and fellow patients, the Black community and the public. Here stereotypical criminalizations and incapacitations against the deceased and his fellow patients as well as targeted public-effective violations of medical secrecy for the purpose of assigning blame and discrediting the victims of a first irresponsible refusal to communicate and later humiliating and unreflected tactics of internally agreed excuses, unprovable assessments and obtrusive claims of protection are opposed.

The murderers Achidi Johns are now investigating the death of another black person in-house by their colleagues and co-workers – still unchallenged today. The obviously triggering violence is put into perspective as a precaution and the impression is created that a person without diagnosed internal pre-existing conditions could have simply died without the violence.
For the Health Committee of the Hamburg Senate, the violent death of a black person is not worth any self-reflection or causal research – just as if his death were an unavoidable part of compulsive psychiatric practices and not worth mentioning.

That is why on the Day of African Unity we will demonstrate especially for our brother Tonou-Mbobda, for clearing-up, justice, responsibility and the introduction of a culture of error, which should prevent further deaths and racist abuse in the future as far as possible:

Against the systematic racist oppression on all levels in this society
Against the stigmatisation and coercive treatment of people with mental stress
Against the unwillingness of the authorities to investigate racist crimes and punish the perpetrators


Demonstration – Saturday, 25.05.2019 | 12.00 o’clock

Location: UKE – Building W37 / Main entrance Martinistraße 52, 20251 Hamburg, Germany

Black Community Hamburg, May 2019

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