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#Shell Must Fall! — #CodeRood 2020 Declaration

Scheveningen, Netherlands: Every year in May, shareholders of Royal Dutch Shell meet in Scheveningen (The Hague), for the Annual General Meeting (AGM). During the AGM (Tuesday May 21st) they discuss the Annual Report and agree on plans for the following year. Together with the board of the company, shareholders fulfill a series of legal duties and carry on their destructive business-as-usual.

Originally published by Code Rood.

Due to the endless efforts of countless dedicated people around the world, every year, the opposition to Shell grows faster than their profits:

• In what has been described as “an unmitigated defeat for big oil”, Shell abandoned its controversial drilling operations in the Arctic in 2015 – thanks to Greenpeace International (Warning Facebook Link)and other groups.
• Currently Shell is facing several historic lawsuits for its horrific crimes against humanity and nature (#ogoni9
(Warning Facebook Link)  & Klimaatzaak
(Warning Facebook Link).
• Groninger Bodem Beweging  (Warning Facebook Link) and the people in Groningen who suffer the consequences of gas extraction are standing up and were supported by a mass blockade of NAM/Shell infrastructure organised by Code Rood last year.
• Fossil Free Culture NL  (Warning Facebook Link) has succeeded in liberating several institutions from Shell sponsorship.
• Fossielvrij Onderwijs  (Warning Facebook Link) Den Haag defeated Shell in its home base, forcing the company to move its greenwashing festival “Generation Discover” out of The Hague.
• And just last month our comrades from Extinction Rebellion NL  (Warning Facebook Link) occupied and glued themselves to the Shell headquarters in The Hague.

It seems to us like the time is ripe for an all-out offensive against Shell and for climate justice.

Code Rood will mark this 2019 shareholder meeting by launching its 2020 Declaration, to be delivered both inside and outside the AGM. We invite you to join us for a new beginning —because there is so much to look forward to.

Do you want to know more?
See you on the 21st in front of Circustheater (Tuesday May 21, 11:00 am, Circusstraat 4, 2586 CW The Hague, The Netherlands).
Dresscode: overalls / boiler suits

Can’t make it to Scheveningen? You can still support us by amplifying our social media storm. Details to follow.

Facebook event page:

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