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#Athens: Vasilis Fatsis started hunger strike in #Korydallos prison

Athens, Greek territory: We publish a statement which was written by Vasilis Fatsis. Vasilis started a hunger strike in Korydallos prison today.

Originally published at Δίκτυο Αλληλεγγύης Κρατουμένων Facebook page. Translated by Black Cat.

As of today 21/5/2019 I began a hunger strike to fight for the right to my release from prison, which is being delayed without any reasonable excuse since I completed half my sentence as required by law, four months ago.

While I have agreed to a conditional release this also came with a delay due to the irresponsibility of the management of Korydallos Prison, which uses a punitive tactic of not being able to locate the records of the work we do in prison when our release date approaches. Then the records are somehow miracuslously found after a long time and as a result we are held captive beyond our release date.

Following this irrational delay, the court of first instance prosecutor of appeals at Pireaus Court, which Korydallos Prison appertains to, is delyaing a standard procedure for over a month now and as a result I am still in captivity. In contrast, people housed in other prisons are released within days of their release date. It is very important to highlight that in 2016 when the prisoners in Korydallos Prison had mobilized against this ‘habit’ we were reassured that this would be amended immediately, but three years later my case shows that it is now becoming worse!

I am very well aware, after the mobilizations against the new penal code and the mobilizations for a new exam centre within the prison -in order for prisoners to be able to participate to university entry exams and get educational furloughs- that rights are not just granted but won through struggle.

If I do not get released by Monday 27/5/2019 I will proceed to thirst strike. Enough is enough! I will not spare another hour in prison and I am not asking for any favours! The prison manager in Korydallos Ioannis Kaziliaris and the court of first instance prosecutor are responsible for the deterioration of my health.

Concluding, I would like to express my support and solidarity to the revolutionary prisoner and hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas and the Turkish political prisoners Anil Sayar and Mehmet Dogan who are facing the danger of deportation to the fascist state of Erdogan while they are confirmed political refugees.

Vasilis Fatsis, Korydallos Prison 21/5/2019

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