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Report: Demo in solidarity with hunger strike of #DKoufontinas in #Athens

Athens, Greek territory: Only 700 Solidarians took part in the demonstration yesterday evening (May 21, 2019) in support of Dimitris Koufontinas’ hunger strike. The report is of course a personal report, with a personal assessment from the person that published the report on German Indymedia.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14. Images by @rozahfourioza 

Surely some had speculated on a positive decision of Areios Pagos, others have a fundamental problem with the communist position of the prisoner, some accuse him of playing with the Syriza government, some are disturbed by the dominance of authoritarian groups in solidarity work. However, those who see the new coming together of the different factions as an opportunity for the divided movement or support the hunger strike on principle, found themselves in Monastiraki for an unusually peaceful demonstration.

The way led without incidents towards Syntagma and was literally ambushed by the cops after they had to put up with some criticism in the last weeks because they could not protect the city from the destructive solidarity actions. Shortly before the parliament the only windows that were smashed on this demo, 2 of a city container for the European elections. Immediately the cops managed to split the demo with a few gas canisters and blows with batons, the remains either ran back or peacefully continued the march.

No strong signal, whereby a positive decision of the supreme court only leads to sending the case back to the court in Volos. So Koufontinas is still in danger in any case.

Around midnight Molotov attacked Riot Police unit at Patision Street.

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