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#Chiapas, #Mexico: Hunger Striking Prisoner, Adrián Gomez Jiménez, Facing Serious Health Risks

Chiapas, Mexico: This communiqué speaks to the deteriorating and dire health situation of Indigenous prisoner in struggle, Adrián Gomez Jiménez, as he continues a hunger strike demanding his freedom.

Originally published by No Estamos Todxs. Translated by Voices in Movement.

Medical attention needed for prisoner in struggle, Adrián Gomez Jiménez, to treat a urinary tract infection he has developed due to dehydration from a hunger strike.

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

May 22nd, 2019

Adrían Gómez Jimenez, prisoner on hunger strike in CERSS No. 5 of San Cristóbal de las Casas, has had to be transferred today to the “Hospital de las Culturas” due to a severe infection in his urinary tract. This infection has been caused by serious dehydration and the weakening of his immune system due to the lack of food intake.

We hold responsible the State and Federal Governments for whatever might happen to our compañero Adrián.

According to our compañero, early Tuesday morning, just after midnight, he began to experience a high fever accompanied by chills, pain and general fatigue. He told us that at 3:00 am, the pain in his urinary tract and lower back was extremely intense. At 10 am there was blood in his urine, something that could indicate a serious kidney disorder.

Shortly after 2 pm today, he was taken to the aforementioned hospital to be treated. There, after an examination, he was diagnosed with dehydration and was warned of the risk of irreversible damage if he continues with the hunger strike. They gave him, according to the compañero, “Four intravenous vials,” that were supposedly for infection and pain. He couldn’t specify exactly what they were since the medical report was delivered to the secretary of CERSS No. 5 and our compañero has not had access to it.

It has been 67 days since March 15th when Adrián, together with his compañeros, began a dignified and brave struggle for justice and freedom.

More than fifteen years since he was robbed of his freedom, his life and future in a cruel, vile and arbitrary manner. From that moment on, torture, prison, confinement and mistreatment have been his everyday reality.

He is prepared to put his life on the line in this struggle. He told us that he is not willing to retreat and that he will only do so in the moment that he regains his freedom and achieves the justice he longs for. His fortitude, courage and dignity surprise us. It is something inherent to him and we already know that he would not act otherwise.

The disgusting silence of the state and the complicity of those that put in practice its orders don’t surprise us either. The mockery with which they treat the process of struggle and hunger strike of our compañeros is part of the power game in which they prefer to see the death of a person than have to recognize their arbitrary detentions and the fabrication of crimes, as they extract confessions through torture and lock up the poor.

We call for solidarity with our compañeros, prisoners in struggle and on hunger strike, to be attentive to the health situation of our compañero.

The situation calls on us to speak out and act, in whatever way we can, to demand the freedom of our compañeros.

Until we are all free!

Working Group No Estamos Todxs

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