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#HambacherForst: Invitation to the trial party at the regional court #Aachen on May 29

Hambacher Forest, German territory: The trial because of the tripod, which was suddenly on the Hambachbahn during the G20 summit in Hamburg, goes into the second round. After the district court Jülich has sentenced the two defendants in the first instance to a fine of 90 or 100 daily sentences, the appeal is now being held before the district court of Aachen.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt.

So to make you know what you are getting into, first a few quotes from the official protocol of the first instance:

“The following court order is then issued: It is forbidden to disturb the course of the meeting by calling or throwing objects from the spectator area…”

“It is ordered, when leaving and entering the hall, to close the door quietly. In case of violations of the court order the corresponding listener will be expelled from the court room.”

“The audience is shouting loudly, «We will not go, but rather schunkel (sway) together.» Then 4 people in the back row link arms with each others and sway. The officers again order the audience to leave the room. This is ignored by further singing and swaying by the audience.”

“The testimony of the witness was disturbed by two spectators with loud interjections «lying witnesses».”

“The session order is lost due to the loud protest and boos.”

“The auditorium is vacated except for the representatives of the press, because otherwise the meeting rules can no longer be maintained. The court order is enforced by the police officers present, some (sic!) spectators were carried out.”

“The request for interruption is rejected because, in the judgment of the Court of First Instance, the 10-minute period was sufficient to formulate and then offer such requests, in particular as a detailed reasoning of the request in principle should not be necessary. (…) The application must be rejected because it is unfounded.”

From a testimony: “No, I did remark any aggressive behavior. (…) Once they lit and smoked a joint in my presence. ”

From a testimony: “No, after the blockade we could not go on because at 12:45 there was a parallel «log on» (sic!).”

From a testimony: “I do not know if I asked them to come down. But I rather do not think so, because it was obvious to me (…) Although, yes I talked to them. I said to the persons: «Could you not wait next time for the shift change, since we are standing here from the night shift.”

“Furthermore, it can be assumed to be true that the carbon dioxide emissions from lignite mining lead to climate change, which probably will lead to global environmental problems (sic!) in the form described above.”

„Die Angeklagten enthalten das letzte Wort (…) Die Angeklagte (…) erklärt: „(…) Ich werde mir nicht anhören was das Gericht noch zu sagen hat und werde jetzt den Saal verlassen, wer mich begleiten möchte, kann dies gerne machen.“ Die Angeklagte (…), der Angeklagte (…) sowie einige Zuschauer verlassen daraufhin um 12.06 den Sitzungssaal. Der Verteidiger wird gefragt, ob er der Verhandlung weiter folgen oder ebenfalls den Saal verlassen möchte. (…) Der Verteidiger erklärt: „Ich möchte noch etwas anmerken.“ Die Richterin weist darauf hin, dass das letzte Wort bereits gesprochen wurde und keine Ausführungen zur Sache mehr gemacht werden sollen. Der Verteidiger erklärt: „Wir haben trotzdem noch gesprochen. Somit fehlt das letzte Wort der Angeklagten (…)“
“The defendants get the last word (…) The defendant (…) explains: «(…) I am not going to listen to what the court has yet to say and will now leave the court room, who wants to accompany me, of course can do so.» The defendants (…) and some spectators leave the room at 12:06. The defense attorney is asked if he wants to continue the trial or also leave the room. (…) The defender explains: «I would like to say something else.» The judge points out that the last word has already been spoken and no explanations are to be made on the matter anymore. The defender explains: «Nevertheless we still spoke. Thus, the last word of the accused is missing (…)”

Now, of course, is the claim for the second instance: even more chaos. Because repression wants to break us down, wear us down and make us behave in a compliant manner in the future. We will not let that happen. Instead, we cause chaos and have fun during the trials, we have not lost as long as we have more fun than they have. And until the day when the courts and prisons of this world are burned down and playgrounds have been built on their foundations, we turn the courts into our playgrounds!

When and Where:
Wednesday May 29th, 09:00 am (meeting point in front of the court from 08:00)
Aachen Regional Court, Adalbertsteinweg 92, 52070 Aachen
Ground floor, court room A 0.021

ID checks in front of the court or at the entrance of the room are possible. Frisking of people also, you can think of something to make the search for the performers as unpleasant as possible. We are happy when people bring snacks and alcoholic and soft drinks.

Oh yes, last time in Jülich it was pretty crowded, if you want you can reserve seats:
Telephone: +49 (0)241 9425-0
Fax: +49 (0)241 9425-80000

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