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#Berlin #Rigaer: Again confrontations at #Dorfplatz

Berlin: On Friday evening, there were again confrontations in Friedrichshainer Nordkiez. At Dorfplatz (village square) there was an unannounced gathering about the repression against Isa, later there was a fire. Cops were repeatedly attacked.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough14.

At 7 pm a gathering was called in solidarity with Isa. The cops were already there before it started and harassed some little groups who had settled down with tables and chairs. The demand to clear them away could be seen as a clear threat of violence and was therefore followed. Only a week earlier a team under the supervision of Mr. Pohl of the Wedekindwache (police station) had brutally cleared the people’s kitchen from Dorfplatz, detaining two people and holding them until the next morning. The two were injured during the arrest and further brutalized at the police station. The presence of Mr. Pohl and Mr. Pluschke as well as at least one riot police squad in the surrounding area suggested that the excess of the use of violence would be repeated this Friday to clear people from Dorfplatz.

But the manifestation could be held for the first time out of Liebig34 without any incidents, at the same time the regular kitchen for everyone took place outside and afterwards cocktails were to be served to raise money for the entire court proceedings. At first there weren’t many people there to listen to the two speeches on the current state of the case against Isa and the escalation last Friday. But more and more people arrived and also the neighbours in the houses could listen to the speeches. The riot cops, together with a gang of plain clothes state guards (Staatschutz, a police unit for political cases on the German territory), had positioned themselves in a corner and provoked with their presence. When the speeches were over, loud music was played for Dorfplatze and more and more people gathered. There was a first attack from the roof of Liebig14 on the cops on the corner with colour paint bombs. One of their vehicles was covered with black paint properly and had to be driven away. As a consequence the plain clothes cops and riot cops also withdrew, however they remained in sight.

The resulting free space was first used for a nice, sociable evening on our place of the commons, as it was stated in the speech. At other corners in the neighbourhood people lit some garbage cans and later a fire was made at Dorfplatz, which intensified the sociability. Surely one could have said “it’s okay, leave it”, because everyone knows that the cops always want to take back the square to restore order. But no, it is our place and if we want campfires, we make campfires. After a few hours they came, in tow already the hastily mobilized journalists. A rain of paint and objects poured down on the army of the occupiers, who nevertheless tried to extinguish the campfire by themselves. Whether the fire brigade rediscovered their professional honour and therefore did not extinguish it or whether the cops considered it too dangerous, we do not know.

As far as this can be judged from here, nobody was injured or arrested during the whole affair. Press and cops are stylizing the evening into heavy riots, probably to hide their weakness. On the side of the rebels it was made clear that attacks like last Friday do not lead to people going away. At least that’s how the author of this text interprets it. With regard to the case of Isa, which was the main subject of the rally, the same is true. Repression against individuals has led to collective resistance. If this interpretation is correct, then it is a very important process.

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