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#Brussels, #Belgium : Report of the trial against 12 anarchists

Tuesday May 28 the verdict was delivered in the trial against 12 anarchists in Brussels.

Originally published by Nantes Indymedia. Translated by Act for Freedom. Image above: Solidarity banner in the Hague, Netherlands, for the prosecuted anarchists in Brussels.

As a reminder, they were prosecuted for “criminal association” and a series of other “offences” that occurred in the framework of struggles carried out on an anarchist basis.

During the trial last month the prosecutor had asked for the accused to be sentenced to work or to various prison sentences. The defence for their part argued for an acquittal due to inadmissibility of prosecution.
The court finally ruled inadmissibility of the proceedings, so they were acquitted! Only one person who wasn’t included in the so-called criminal association was found guilty of injuring a cop, but without any sentence being pronounced for this.

Meanwhile the prosecutor has 40 days to appeal this ruling. So, to be continued..

Still, we do not forget the comrades prosecuted for having fought against the construction of the maxi-prison at Haren. Who were also under “anti-terrorist” investigation and for whom the council chamber will decide on any possible charges to be maintained on Tuesday June 4 2019. Also we do not forget the people raising their heads against the lives imposed on us around the world.

For a world without exploitation or borders.
Against all authority.
It is always the time to fight.

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