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#Macaz Autonom – Fundraising for new social centre in #Bucharest

Bucharest, Romanian territory: Help build Macaz Autonom – an independent intersectional Community Center in Bucharest.

Originally published by Macaz Autonom on Indiegogo crowdfunding page.

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What is Macaz?

~MACAZ Bar Theatre Coop is a cooperative that works as a theater-bar, based on principles of autonomy and horizontality.  We have set our own working conditions, we have been financially self-managed and, at the same time, have become a resource fostering the development, organizing and social reproduction of various grassroots politically engaged groups in and around Bucharest.

MACAZ officially opened its doors on May 1st 2016 as a space dedicated to consolidating and promoting various activist scenes, autonomous initiatives and the LGBTQ+ community.Guided by anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, feminist and anti-racist principles, MACAZ stands for those that otherwise couldn’t have a space of their own.

Who are we?

We are a group of comrades and friends that strongly believe in building self-managed labor structures, mutual support networks and free-from-profit spaces committed to social justice, radical solidarity and community organizing. From our experience in initiatives such as FCDL (Common Front for Housing Rights), Claca (formerly an autonomous social center within the confines of the Pionierul Factory), the Alternative Library and GAP (the Political Art Gazette) we have learned that any space, a bar including, is addressed to some and limited to others.  For that reason, Macaz has relentlessly been a space with zero-tolerance for racist, transphobic, sexist and classist attitudes. While each of us is involved in various regional and international social movements, Macaz is the home where we can express ourselves, educate each other and thrive on our own terms.

What have we been doing?

A focal point for radical social movements and alternative cultural scenes, Macaz has supported both grassroots political movements unwelcome elsewhere, as well as politically-engaged experimental artists that are institutionally marginalized. Organized with a sense of responsibility and sensitivity for the surrounding neighborhood, Macaz has been a daily resource for our neighbors while supporting and organizing events addressing gentrification, urban organizing and housing rights.

In three years:

~MACAZhas organized hundreds of events such as: producing dozens of theater shows, CineMacaz-screenings of political movies, debates on current issues, parties with local musicians, manele music and DJs, book launches, drag shows, poetry nights, community meet-ups, QueerKaraoke, voguing workshops, stand-up shows, punk and electronica concerts, art performances and much more.

~MACAZ has permanently hosted the Alternative Library as well as frequently hosting events of groups such as GAP, FCDL, Dysnomia, Hecate, MozaiQ, Mahala, Corp, LeftEast, TransForm, BLOC, E-Romnja and many others. We have hosted artists with an egalitarian work ethic while promoting peer-supported labor conditions on the local clubbing scene. We have particularly supported musicians and DJs that identify as women and queer.

~The MACAZ cooperative has put into practice a worker-owned structure with an anti-capitalist focus. The bar has functioned with no managerial hierarchies, without a profit-oriented financial plan and through a cooperative structure where work has been distributed equally amongst members. As a model of self-managed financial structure, Macaz is one the few anti-capitalist cooperatives in the country.

~The MACAZ theater has set out to offer a type of theater that is politically engaged, together  with and in the spirit of projects such as the Political theater Platform and Political Art Gazette. We have offered the setting for theater groups committed to critically engage with contemporary realities and re-tell local and regional histories from liberating perspectives such as: Giuvlipen, Teatru Spălătorie, Bezna. The MACAZ theater has followed a non-hierarchical model of organizing artistic and technical teams, based on solidarity and mutual support.

~ The support that MACAZ has provided for the cause of social justice and for anti-authoritarian, feminist and anti-racist political work has enabled the hosted groups to grow, interact and influence each other, building a durable and withstanding solidarity both locally and regionally.

We are transforming into Macaz Autonom!

Macaz Bar Teatru Coop becomes Macaz Autonom.

It seems like not only love lasts three years, but also rental contracts.

On the 22nd of June Macaz is saying goodbye to Moșilor 106.  What was will be no more, at least for a while. The project Macaz Teatru Coop. has to leave and will be transforming into something else.

From a workers’ cooperative it will take a new form: autonomous social center.

From the wide open space of  Moșilor 106 we will be moving in a house with 3 rooms, 2 penthouses and a basement where we plan on hosting both the activities of Macaz, as well as of other militant groups.

Macaz Autonom will be a self-organized, horizontal and non-hierarchical social center with no commercial activity.

Macaz Autonom will be a community space organized on feminist, queer, anti-racist and anti-capitalist principles.

Macaz Autonom will be a space of critical education, community activities, political debates and initiatives of activist organizing.

Macaz Autonom will host activist groups, artist groups and grassroots community initiatives.

At its new location, Macaz Autonom will offer a safe feminist, queer, antiracist community space. The new space will include in its permanent activities: hosting the Alternative Library, organizing screenings of political movies, debates on socio-politic topics, community lunches and dinners, freeshops, concerts all the while providing space for rehearsals and the community organizing initiatives of several activist groups (TBA).

We need your support!

Moving to a new location always needs plenty of resources. The community around Macaz will support us with voluntary work but we also need financial resources to get it all done.

Additionally, because Macaz Autonom won’t be including commercial activities (the bar) we are working out a system of direct community support in order to cover the monthly costs (TBA).

The money that we are gathering will be distributed for:

Setting up the rehearsal space (basement) so that we can offer a warm and welcoming space for independent political theater groups. This includes: AC, ventilation, drywall restoration, installing a new floor, setting up central heating and radiators, etc.

Arranging the penthouse (floor restoration, insulation) – space dedicated to the Alternative Library, the community organizing events, screenings and discussions.

Equipping the communal spaces, including the kitchen and the outdoor space.

Partial thermal and phonic insulation of surfaces.

Calibrating the overall electrical system for the new needs of the space.

Building a toilet in the yard.

Covering the rent for our first months.

What do you get, other than our gratitude?

The Extended Community of Macaz and the collective that will be directly handling the space will be eternally grateful for the support!  We believe in a permanently growing community so we would be happy to support you in turn by offering our new (and old) resources for your projects! If you’re rather the type that enjoys souvenirs, see the crowdfunding campaign page to see what rewards you get if you back us!

If you want to support Macaz, go to the crowdfunding page:

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