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Transnational #FridaysForFuture demo in #Aachen during #EndeGelaende: Call for an anti-capitalist finger

On 21 June, the “Fridays for Future” movement will hold an internationally promoted demonstration in Aachen (German territory). Up to 50,000 people are expected! A star march is planned, in which different fingers will move to a common place of conclusion. One of these fingers will have a focus on anti-capitalism.

Submitted in German to Enough 14. Translated by Enough 14. Image by @FutureFridaysAC

We think that this focus is necessary because the economic capitalis system shows its destructive power more and more! Through the findings of science, it is no longer possible to refute that climate change, environmental destruction and extinction of species is the result of the profit-oriented economy! While progress in capitalism has enabled more people to greater prosperity, but only for a minority, at the expense of our natural resources, the ecosystem and the majority of the population! For example, we would need the resources of 3 planets if the whole world had a standard of living like in Europe. This means that for most people, consumption by today’s Western standards can never be possible.

A sustainable, global supply and capitalism are therefore not compatible!

For 200 years, since the rise of industrial capitalism, our planet has been mercilessly exploited! Every year the “World Day of Exhaustion” is earlier, the day on which we have consumed all the resources that can regenerate in a year. As a result, climate change is in full swing every day! Even if the effects are not yet so strong in many Western countries, they are all the more devastating in the global South! That is according to all scientific findings fact! Moreover, it is a fact that our society does not have much time left to avert the worst effects of climate change! In capitalism, the economy always works according to the principle of competition! In the time that we still have, however, solidarity and goal-oriented cooperation are required at all levels of society! The goal must be to put an end to industrial overproduction and to build an equal, needs-oriented system!

Governments do not consider restructuring the system because they themselves are subject to the logic of the market! On the contrary, more and more governments are resorting to authoritarian means to secure their power and existing conditions! Even the “climate policy” remains only in the capitalistic framework, and delivers to date no results that have the potential to really mitigate climate change! Because of these facts it makes no sense from our point of view to appeal to these politicians! Instead, it would be important to promote the networking of all social actors in order to overcome capitalism together and thus pave the way for a climate-friendly society based on solidarity! We find role models for this struggle in the Hambacher Forest or in Standing Rock!

Greta says it too:
We can’t save the world by playing by the rules. The rules have to change, everything has to change, today!

Since it is important to us to increase these aspects in the society’s discussion in order to bring in climate justice, we will also be on the streets in Aachen on June 21. There will be a finger that all people can join who share our point of view and do not want to be limited with appeals.

Call to the Anticapitalist Finger on June 21 in #Aachen

So keep your eyes open and save the date!

Updates about the actions on June 21st in Aachen can be found on Twitter here: @aachen2106 and under the following hashtags: #ac2106 #ClimateJusticeWithoutBorders#anticap2106

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