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San Francisco, US territory: Anarchists attack Indonesian consulate with Paint-bombs against May Day repression

US territory: On June 1, a modest mob of 20+ anarchists in San Francisco carried out an attack in solidarity with our comrades in so-called Indonesia where 600+ anarchists were arrested this May Day.

Originally published by 325.

We threw 60 paintbombs and heavily tagged the Indonesian Consulate with circle-(A)s to send a message to the Indonesian government that despite the distance between us and our comrades, the State is not safe and will always be attacked.

The actions of the Indonesian comrades, simple gestures of paint on walls, resonated with us. In the afterimages of their act, and in their call for solidarity, we recognized friends across the dying ocean. Even more than expressing our contempt for the Indonesian State, we want to convey our love to the comrades struggling within and against its false borders. Ferocity and Strength to those facing repression and those on the run.

If we act in solidarity, it is not out of obligation nor out of duty. We act for joy. There is no stronger medicine for despair than the laughter of conspiracy.

Solidarity to all indigenous peoples of West Papua and other territories resisting Indonesian colonization, genocide, and mining/logging.

The Indonesian Consulate in SF is located in North Beach, a neighborhood that anarchist comrades have organized in, bled, fought, killed and died in for generations all the way back to the turn of the last century. North Beach has been the site of Internationalist interracial anarchist struggle for nearly a century and we carry on this spirit with pleasure and honor! The memories of our fallen comrades from all over the globe guided us in our attack against the genocidal, repressive colonial state of Indonesia.

We are calling for international solidarity actions throughout June. All embassies, consulates, and companies operating in Indonesia are targets.(Here we would like to highlight the scum of Freeport-McMoRan, who operate the world’s largest gold and second largest copper mine in West Papua, choking the rain forest and actively aiding in the genocide of the indigenous peoples there)

For a Black June and a Black 2019!

In the words of Bandung Anti-Fascist Front: “We will ensure that our anger will continue crystallizing and growing, until one day we become a huge force of wrath. We urge all comrades (wherever you are) to keep maintaining the fire of resistance.”

Solidarity is our weapon!

Internationalism is our strength!

The black flame burns bright under the waning moon!

some anarchists

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