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Solidarity message from anarchist ex-prisoner Abtin Parsa to anarchist prisoner Soheil Arabi

Greek territoy: Solidarity message by anarchist ex-prisoner Abtin Parsa from the prison of Greece to anarchist prisoner Soheil Arabi in the prison of Iran.

Submitted to Enough 14.

Revolutionary greetings to you that when I hear the sound, struggle and resistance of you inside the prison, I really forget about my pains and I am hurting our pains.I am hurting pain for all the seconds that we were hanged with a rope from feet; I am hurting pain of every single slaps on our faces, kicked and batons that we received under interrogated and tortured; I am hurting pain of the size of the empty bottle that was on the interrogation desk; I’m hurting pain on our cell’s bed, which is extremely dirty; I’m hurting pain inside of our prison’s bathroom that does not have hot water; i am hurting pain of all the beats that was responded to our transfer request to the hospital.

yes comrade, though, we have experienced must of these pain in the prisons of Iran but our situation in greece is not much better than Iran, all states are corrupt, but at least, we have each other.Soheil, I see that day that everyone is free, be strong that our movement needs people like you to win

Anarchist ex-prisoner Abtin Parsa from prison of Patras, Greece to anarchist prisoner Soheil Arabi in prison of Tehran Bozorg, Iran. 22/01/2019

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