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#Durban, South African territory: Abahlali bas’ #eKhenana return to court today

South African territory: For a long time the Abahlali bas’ eKhenana land occupation has faced brutal and illegal evictions from the eThekwini Municipality’s notorious Land Invasion Unit. The belongings of the community have been confiscated and burnt many times. Abahlali have always rebuilt after each and every eviction. Under the rule of the ANC inkani opens the road to land, and the price for land is paid in blood.

Submitted to Enough 14. Image above Outside the Durban High Court today for the Abahlali bas’eKhenana case against the eThekwini Municipality. Taken a few hours after this statement was send to Enough 14.

Mzi Ngiba, the local ANC councillor, has been dividing the community using the local ANC members to wage violence on Abahlali. He has also encouraged local ANC members to occupy land with the aim of displacing Abahlali.

After repeated violent and illegal evictions Abahlali had to approach the Durban High Court to seek an interdict against the municipality. The court granted Abahlali an interim order prohibiting the City from illegally evicting, burning or threatening Abahlali.

Abahlali had to obtain this interdict to protect our members from being violently and illegally evicted by the City but we note that the attacks on the occupation have come from both the City (the state) and the ANC (the ruling party). The eThekwini municipality has always been heartless to poor landless communities. The ANC has also been violent and intolerant to poor people organised outside of the party. The party structures have been used to wage war against autonomously organised people since 2009.

The ANC continues with apartheid spatial planning, and violent forms of oppression. It is most unfortunate that what was supposed to be the government of the people has become the government of the elites. We are ruled by violence, not democratic discussion and negotiation.

Today Abahlali bas’eKhenana will return to Durban High Court to finalise the interim order. We hope that the interim order will be made final so that our communities can live in peace and harmony.

Abahlali baseMjondolo, June 5, 2019

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