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German police spreaded #Fakenews in an Attempt to divide #FridaysForFuture and #EndeGelaende movements

Aachen, German territory: Aachen police started another campaign to criminalize climate activists, after the series of fairy tales in Hambacher forest in the past years, Aachen police is now fantasizing about “violent-prone” Ende Gelaende groups in an attempt to divide climate justice activists in so-called Germany by sending a letter to many schools.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle. Image: Coal power plants near RWE’s open pit mine and Hambacher forest.

For the coal industry and its lobby Aachen police is and always was a useful tool in counterinsurgency operations against the Climate Justice movement. Aachen police is leading the fight against the Hambacher Forest defenders, of course hand in hand with energy giant RWE, the IG BCE union (a union “for” mine workers) and many politicians.

Disinformation is part of the counterinsurgency operations of the Aachen police. In the past days Aachen police sended a letter to the district councils of Cologne and Duesseldorf ( Bezirksregierung Köln and Düsseldorf), the state education ministry of Northrhine Westphalia (NRW), and requested to spread the letter to all schools in the region. The letter was a clear attempt to divide the climate justice movement. Fridays For Future activists were advised to stay away from the Ende Gelaende actions that will take place from June 19 until June 24 in the letter. During the Ende Gelaende actions days there will be a transnational Fridays For Future demonstration in Aachen, which is near the open pit mines where the Ende Gelaende actions will take places. A united front against the coal industry is causing sleepless nights for the coal industry, its lobby and for the cops.

In the letter Aachen police actually have spread fake news. The cops claimed that six activists were convicted to 2,1 million Euro damages, but lawyer Jasper Prigge said that there isn’t even a date for the trial and so there is no court verdict. After some German mainstream media journalists reported about the false information in the letter, Aachen police corrected their letter but the version with the blunt lie was already sent to many schools.

Apart from spreading clear fake news the letter was full with the usual mix of half-truths and untruths in order to criminalize, confuse and intimidate people in an attempt to demobilize for the Ende Gelaende action days. Although civil disobedience like blockades are not per se forbidden in Germany (Like the blockade of the Hambach Bahn in 2018), the cops write that they hope that the Friday For Future (FFF) will stay peaceful and warns FFF activists to “stay away from violent-prone groups like Ende Gelaende.” Until now Ende Gelaende actions actually were always peaceful, but of course the cops ignored that fact in their letter. Aachen police also didn’t mention the many cases of police violence against climate activists in Rhineland, where the Ende Gelaende actions will take place.

The letter is a cheap attempt to divide the climate justice movement in “good” and “bad” activists. Divide and rule is one of the oldest methods to fight political and economical opponents and Aachen police tried it again and again to weaken the struggle against RWE’s open pit mine in and around Hambacher forest. But the cops did not succeed. The first Fridays For Future groups were smart enough to see the trap and decided to solidarize with Ende Gelaende instead of letting themselves being instrumentalized by Aachen police.

In two weeks Ende Gelaende will start, stay tuned!

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