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#Basel, Swiss territory: Shoulder to Shoulder Against Nazis and Repression

Basel, Swiss territory: The Basel-Nazifree demonstration on November 24, 2018 was held six months ago. It will be remembered as a strong sign against fascism and far-right agitation. Thanks to the determined resistance of almost 2,000 people, it was possible to prevent the public space from being used as a stage for Nazi propaganda. In order to achieve this goal, the demonstrators had to ignore the instructions of the police. The police had allowed the far right PNOS to hold a rally on the Messeplatz (fair square), while they had allowed the counter-event to be held only at a distant location.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

Months later, police officers raided numerous apartments early in the morning on behalf of the Basel State Prosecutor’s Office. The targets: various individuals who are being accused of having been on the street against the PNOS on that day. Within a few weeks, more than twenty such raids and arrests took place in Basel and other cantons. Some were kept at the police station for up to 48 hours, but the court of coercive measures rejected the request for pre-trial detention. It is also striking that migrant detainees were subjected to additional harassment at the police station, such as racist insults.

For many, the accusations are rather insignificant: holding a banner during an unauthorized demonstration is obviously reason enough for the public prosecutor’s office to raid a house. Others are accused of having been involved in violent clashes with neo-Nazis or of having been involved in the escalation with the police. This escalation took place only after the Basel police once again carried out an exemplary deployment of rubber bullets. [1] Shots were fired arbitrarily and from close range, as well as at head height. Several people were injured in the eye by rubber bullets, one of them so severely that she may remain harmed for life.

With extensive video recordings and confiscated clothing, with a large effort the state prosecutor’s office is now trying to get the left-wing demonstrators with criminal proceedings.

We see these proceedings as a clear attempt to intimidate people and as a political signal on the part of the Basel state prosecutor’s office: the major anti-fascist mobilization of 24 November is to be criminalized. This fits into a practice against social movements that has been intensified for several years. [2] The repression is now affecting individuals, but it is affecting all those who were engaged on the streets at the time to take the platform away from the neo-Nazis. We show solidarity with the people affected by this repression, regardless of the accusations made.

The events of recent months (“Ku Klux Klan” appearance and “Combat 18” in Schwyz, the results of the European elections or the right-wing extremist Basel chat group with firearms and “extermination” fantasies [3]) show that it is very important right now to have a determined response on far-right activities.

Let us therefore take the streets together on 22 June to strengthen the antifascist resistance and to oppose the criminalisation of Basel-Nazi-free. Basel is sticking to it: No place for Nazis!

DEMO: Saturday June 22, 2019, 14:00 (02:00pm), De-Wette Park, Basel, Swiss territory


[2] Several people have now also received a penalty order for a demonstration on the right to stay in 2016. At this spontaneous demonstration, hundreds of Baslers demonstrated against the arrest of illegalized people who had sought refuge in St Matthew’s Church. Other politically motivated proceedings are listed here:


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