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#EndeGelaende: Solidarity statement of #FridaysForFuture #Cologne

Solidarity statement of Fridays For Future Cologne after the attempt of police authorities in Aachen to divide the climate justice movement.

Originally published by Fridays For Future Cologne Facebook page. Translated by Enough 14.

We have taken note with concern of the joint press release issued by the police and the city of Aachen.

In the press release, Mayor Marcel Philipp and Police President Dirk Weinspach have their say. Dirk Weinspach was and is in charge of the eviction of the Hambacher forest and involved in the repression against Ende Gelaende activists.

We understand this press release as an attempt to split the climate justice movement. The so-called “peaceful protest” of Fridays for Future is praised, the civil disobedience of Ende Gelaende is defamed as “illegal action”. Fridays for Future is explicitly warned for Ende Gelaende. No mention is made of the fact that we also disobey civil law. Skipping school on a weekly basis is a deliberately chosen rule violation, as is blocking coal infrastructure. We consider these rule violations as legitimate even if both are “illegal”. Both Fridays for Future and Ende Gelände are part of a global climate justice movement.

We hereby declare our solidarity with Ende Gelaende. Even if we as Fridays For Future will not call to the Ende Gelaende actions, there will be individuals of us who will participate and that is a good thing. This will neither change by the fact that we are praised by the mayor of the city of Aachen, nor by the fact that legitimate protest is criminalized by the police president.

On one hand the city and the police try to keep our protest in check by making concessions and on the other hand they try to delegitimize and criminalize legitimate protests.

Fridays For Future Cologne is in solidarity with Ende Gelaende!

We are a climate justice movement, and we will continue our legitimate struggle for a climate justice future as long as necessary.

Fridays For Future Cologne, June 5, 2019

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