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#Athens: Another assault by drug dealers at #Exarcheia Square

Greek territory: Report about another assault by drug dealers at Exarcheia Square in Athens: “We will not let gang members and all sorts of anti-social gangs and the state itself dominate the public sphere without a fight.”

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Written by Antonis G. Submitted translation to Enough 14.

On May 31st, around 1:30 am, I parked my motorbike at the corner of Solomou st. and Spyridonos Trikoupi street and made the bad decision to walk through Exarcheia square. As I walked there, 6 drug dealers standing at the “double cafe” approached me asking if I was looking forweed or cocaine. I continued walking without responding and they began to follow me and ask agressively ‘what are you doing here?’.  I went on telling them I want nothing and one of them approached me and grabbed me by my shoulder, pushed me and asked again “what are you doing here, why are you coming through here?”.  I grabbed his arms in an effort to defend myself and the other five came closer and started punching and kicking me all over my body. The immediate intervention of 8 comrades who were near by, resulted in the immediate retreat of the drug dealers, who threatened us with a gun in their effort to leave.

Making this incident public does not aim to shed light on an isolated incident, but to show the continuation of a series of anti-social violence which is recorded almost daily in the neighbourhood of Exarcheia. Most of these incidents remain obscure and unnoticed and this amplifies the silence and the fear imposed by the power and violence of the drug gangs.  They delineate the general condition which pervades the area, the general plan for the ”regeneration” of Exarcheia into a field of uncontrollable profit-making by the parastate  of drug gangs and the imposition of terror conditions against the residents and against the movement.

We will not let gang members and all sorts of anti-social gangs and the state itself dominate the public sphere without a fight. The struggle for militant resistance, social self-organization, class solidarity an co-existence of manifold but common social struggles of locals, refugees and immigrants must and will crush them.

Antonis G., June 7, 2019

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