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August 1-4: No Border camp in the #Netherlands

From August 1 until August 4 there will be a No Border camp in the Zuid-Holland province.

Originally published by No Border Network.

Restricting migration is a priority for the Dutch government and the EU. The walls of Fortress Europe are rising taller, rescue-missions by aid organisations are counteracted, and refugees are
locked up and deported. Thousands of people die in the Mediterranean Sea or in the desert, or they are stuck in horrible conditions. Politicians instigate hate against refuguees, while weapons-companies are in the mean time making big money on militarising borders. Rich Western countries keep fueling the
reasons why people flee through unequal trade, weapon exports, causing climate change, and military interventions.

Reason enough to take action. Come to the No Border Camp in the beginning of August, for workshops, meeting people and actions on a extraparliamentary and anti-authoritarian basis. To
build bridges to other intersections of struggle, like anti-racism, decolonisation, queer- and trans struggle, climate action, anti-militarisation, and the struggle of migrants themselves for their rights.

For more information or if you want to help, see or send an e-mail to For financial contributions, please transfer to NL75INGB0004253090 for Ithaka, mention No Border Camp 2019 in the notification section.

The No Border Camp 2019 will take place in Zuid-Holland the Netherlands. The location will be published a week before the camp due to security reasons.

No Border Network

On June 16 there will be an info-event about the upcoming No Border camp in the Beatrijsstraat 12 in The Hague, Netherlands. From 19:00 (07:00pm)there will be food. The info-event wull start at 20:00 (08:00pm)

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